Here’s a little torture contest for us Sox fans.

My title suggestions:

“One and Done: The Story of Aaron Boone and the 2003 Red Sox”


“Cowboy Down”

[EDIT: Jeez, check out the (horrible) options that fans have to vote for:

Another Season: The Boston Red Sox Movie
Fenway Blues: The Boston Red Sox Movie
Red Sox Blues: The Boston Red Sox Movie
This is the Year: The Boston Red Sox Movie

I just want to point out that if last year was the year, then what the hell do I have to look forward to this year?]

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  • Thank you, Globe, for that hanging curve of a straight line:
    -Eternal Losers of the Boston Kind
    -Jersey Girl (Because it, too, is a bomb featuring Ben Affleck)
    -The Passion of the Nation
    -Agent Theo Epstein: Destination Heartbreak

    YF March 24, 2004, 1:57 pm
  • We could also try on the Yankees Season Video title for size, I suppose:
    “Yankees 2003: At least this year Mo didn’t blow the Series in the 9th inning”
    “Buy’em All: The 2003 Bombers Season”
    and the sequel:
    “If at first you can’t buy’em all, buy’em all again: the 2003-2004 Yankees offseason”
    We can only hope that it ends with this one:
    “Torn, Shorn, and Roarin’: How Kevin Brown’s arm, Jason Giambi’s ‘juice’ diet, and Gary Sheffield’s temper came to bring down a franchise”

    SF March 24, 2004, 2:04 pm
  • -Amoros Pedros
    -Finding Zero
    ….it’s just too easy.

    Anonymous March 24, 2004, 2:39 pm
  • “The 2003 Red Sox: Grady Little Finally Gets A World Series Share (As a Christmas Gift From Joe Torre)”
    “Everyone Came Up Big, Except Little”

    Allan March 25, 2004, 1:16 pm

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