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Hey Joe! Whaddya Know? Bronx-Brooklyn Gamer

Respect your history.  Ignore the histrionics.  The Bombers and The Dodgers.  How sweet it is.  Vincente Padilla goes for the Dodgers while C.C. mans the mound for the Yanks.  Comment away.  And who cares what Joe Torre and Alex Rodriguez think of one another.  They don't.

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Losing already. 0-1. CC regressing after a couple good starts…too bad he can’t just pitch against the O’s every game.
Man-ram with the RBI of course.

LOL at Edwin Jackson no-hitting the Rays. I tuned in in the 3rd inning and he had walked the bases loaded, then I went and did other stuff. Hopefully this shatters the Rays’ confidence.
What an amazing year for pitching.

1-1. ARod doubles and Hip Hip singles him in…
The Rays are crazy overrated Ath…they will never win it. They had their chance in ’08.

3rd with 1 out…and #2 and #4 hitters can’t score Jeter. Lame. If we could ever hit with RISP we would be dangerous.
Hitting the hay, early tee time. Go Yankees. Don’t fuck it up. Padilla is a punk.

I saw that if Mo keeps up his pace so far this season, his career WHIP will be below one. Every season I expect some sort of decline, but he somehow seems to get better.

If anyone has any idea how we can get rid of AJ, I’m listening…I was thinking we could have him killed but I would prefer a more humane method???
He is fucking worthless and is stealing a paycheck. Blow our your fucking elbow you fucking loser. I fucking hate you you fucking loser piece of shit. You suck more than anyone has ever sucked in the history of the fucking world and I never want to see you in a Yankee uniform again you worthless, sorry fucking asshole. Fuck off and never come back you fucking loser. Fuck you.

Are you serious Ath??? That is brutal. I played golf, watched the US choke Sabres-style, and then watched the game without sound at the bar…didn’t see anything about the Sox. That blows bro…you guys can have AJ for free…we’ll pay you.

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