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Wagner Mateo is a 16-year-old awesome prospect. (Check the photo and say if you think that the age is accurate). Except something may be wrong with his sight. The Cardinals just yanked 3.1M from under his feet.

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During the physical examination standard for a player signing such a huge contract, doctors informed the Cardinals of a possible issue with the vision in Mateo’s right eye. The team sent him to specialists, but definitive answers were elusive. With the 90-day window to void the contract approaching, the Cardinals acted swiftly Tuesday night.
They swooped in and took money from a blind kid.

I don’t see why the author is making the Cardinals look like the bad guys here. The kid failed his physical, plain and simple. It really sucks for the kid, but it’s not as if the Cardinals are Prince John from Robin Hood.

If he’s 16, so am I.
To further support SF’s proposition, we know he sure as heck could gun down a runner at second base.

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