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Hits? Scarce. Runs? Scherzer: Yanks-Tigers gamer IV

So Freddy Garcia wasn’t great, but his Yankee batsmen? There was no “there” there. Miggy and Mags did all the damage needed in the second and third, and of the 30 Yankees that came to the plate, six made it to first base. No Yankee made it to third. Teixeira got to second twice, once on a double, and once on indifference after a walk, because why should the Tigers care? The Yankees didn’t seem to. There is one totally cool thing that happened after Max Scherzer hobbled the anemic Yankee batters for 8 innings in that the Tigers have a really good reliever named Al Alburquerque. He’s shooting to the top with a bullet as owning one of the greatest baseball names ever. If there’s ever a gritty second basemen that comes up whose name happens to be “Ike Isotope..” No, that’s just silly.

Anyway, YUCK. We SUCKED.

Now that that is out of our system (riiiiiiiight), it’s nearing time for a getaway game at Comerica, and AJ will lock horns — or whiskers if I am allowed to mix animal metaphors — with the Tigers, who send Rick Porcello. We need some hits, boys.

Comment away.

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ARod and Jeter are out of the lineup today…
I hate watching the games on Gamecast at work normally, but after the way we’ve been playing it might be better.
Can AJ really win his 5th game…already??? The dudes been good, but we’ve seen this movie before.

“…Can AJ really win his 5th game…already??? …”
he heard that by winning all these games he might have a chance at being my most favorite yankee…at some point he’ll look at a calendar and realize it’s not april anymore…

I just got home for lunch…
…just in time to see AJ chuck a pickoff attempt into RF allowing the runner to get to 3rd.
I am very glad I am not going to be able to watch this game.
0-1 as I’m typing.
Game over. Being that we cannot fucking score any runs…

And thanks to that BS, what should have ben a harmless long fly ball becomes a sac fly and it’s 1-0 Tigers in the 1st. The Yankees are playing sloppy. Sloppy defense, sloppy baserunning, sloppy ABs. It’s F’ing annoying. Inning over. And rant too.

Two away faster than you can say “you guys stink”. Their offense has completely abandoned them. I mean, not even hard outs. They look terrible at the plate right now.

I’m over it. It’s amazing we’ve even won 17 games at this point…our PITCHING has been the difference. Who ever would have thought that…
We are supposed to go out tomorrow night to watch the game vs the Rags…I’m seriously reconsidering going because there are always SF’s there and if anyone says a fucking word to me, I’m going to end up in jail. I have to imagine the jails in Memphis are kinda like the prison ships the British set up during the Revolution, or that prison complex in Chicago during the Civil War.
It’s just not worth it. Although pounding my fists into the head and neck of a mouthy SF does sound fun…
I kid, I kid…

What would YFs do if Jeter got Pipp’d? What if Nunez tears it up while Jetes is nursing his hip? (cue “old person joke”…).
Serious question, though certainly not seriously likely.

“What would YFs do if Jeter got Pipp’d?”
I really think I want another few weeks on Jeter. As weekly as he is hitting, he is getting on base. I wouldn’t object to him being bumped down the line-up however.
Weak ground out to end the inning. Darn. We’re up to 3 LOB. More ofthe same.

Wow… Granderson scores from first on a triple by Chavez.. Don Kelly tried to to make a diving grab but missed, and now Chavez is hurt, pointing at his foot or leg after coming into third. Looks like ARod has to go to work.

5 days clean and sober AG…don’t tempt me.
Did we seriously score a run???? I am in shock.
Did Chavez look bad? I hope not. The guy was playing great. Bummer.

Chavez came into third and pointed at his foot calling for a trainer. He limped off upright, for whatever that is worth.
Nunez singles to right, scoring Rodriguez as Martin moves to second.
Yankees lead 2-1.

He was helped off the field with a seemingly bad ankle-sprain or some such thing.
I am eating “Tomato-Ketchup” flavored potato chips from the hotel mini-bar. Really pretty digusting. Tastes like V-8 chips. Didn’t even know they has such a thing.

2 runs in ONE INNING???? This is unreal. I’m going to go play the powerball today…
Maybe Chavez has a hangnail or something. Yeah, a hangnail.

Santiago has to range into the grass to field a hopper by Gardner, and Nunez is safe at second as the throw comes in a beat late, with Gardner at first. Bases juiced for Swisher, who is swinging out of his shoes, missing. Down 0-2.

Ketchup chips are the greatest snack food of all time…although both IH and my wife think they are disgusting???
Thanks IH! It’s probably cheaper for you to bring them back from the land of the pharoahs than me ordering them from Canada…I’m embarrassed for how much I pay for them online.
Swish choked I see…lame.

Damnit!!!!! Nunez rotine grounder and he throws it in the ground for Teix who can’t scoop it. Putting the tying run on and bringing up Cabrera of all people. SLOPPY!!!!

You guys may be unhappy with your pitching staff, but be thankful you don’t have to watch John Lackey pitch for your team.
This has to be some form of punishment for us SFs.

You are an international man of mystery IH…no doubt.
I think the range-less, washed up, crappy SS would have made that play? Is that fair to say?
AJ having another solid outing. Gotta give it to the guy…

Or another fucking double play…
Have we ever hit into this many DP’s? Like…ever???
I can’t punch a whole through the wall in my office…probably not a good idea.

Sterling making it sound like Swisher made an amazing catch. Was it? Then Sterling goes and says “and if he indeed does throw a no-hitter, it’ll be partially because of that”. It’s still the 5th inning John.

As you guys obviously know/see…I am not a baseball guy but what can we do about this huge problem????
More hit and runs? Start having guys steal more often?

The problem with hit and runs is the Yankees can’t seem to communicate that they want such a play to the baserunner and the batter on the same play. Which dort of defeats the purpose. Nunez lines out. 1 away

they had lost 5 straight…couldn’t beat anyone…they gift us the first game, then win 3 straight…
If you need a boost, play the fucking Yankees. I am going to fucking puke.

My goodness. That’t the second ball hit right at Nunez that he fielded cleanly and then threw poorly. In this case he freaking aired it over Teix’s head. 2-runs score on what should have been the inning-ending out. That’s probably the game. Really really really awful Nunez.

I am feeling very surly, as we probably all are. Someone order me to leave this thread before I start looking for something obvious to bring me at least a little baseball-related joy.

This looks like the team all the haters and pundits were predicting…I’m going to do some work now.
Downward spiral is now in full effect. Over/under on consecutive loses? Swept by the Rags this weekend would make it 6 straight losses and we should be out of first…

Posada down on strikes. O for 4 on the day. Nice Jorge.
Our offense is H O R R I B L E right now. And the amount of time it took me to ALL CAP that is three times as long as it takes a Yankee starter to strike out and twice as long as it takes him to GIDP. I am not wathing the 9th. Good night.

Wow, they had the lead. AJ with some poor luck it seems, but also the Yanks scored like 4 runs the last three games or so? Not going to cut it..

AJ was OK frankly. He gave up 2 ER — a third run was his fault (after hitting a batter he then threw the pick-off throw into RF advancing the runner all the way to 3rd and he came in on a sac fly). The other two runs are squarely on Eduardo Nunez’s diminutive shoulders. And the deficit is squarely on the crappy offense, which got hosed by Rick Porcello of all people.

Weird about this cold streak is that Gardner the firestarter is really getting it done, but no one else is, not even ARod who was hot earlier..

LHP tomorrow…automatic loss. Although the weather is nice down here now…who am I kidding…we have no chance. The Rags actually have a great offense, unlike the shit team that just beat us 3 straight.
I am not happy right now. Might have to buy smokes on the way home.

If this is what the Yankees can muster against the Tigs, what hope do they have in Arlington against a decent offensive team and relatively league-average pitching team?
That’s right, you’re not from Texas.

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