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Home Again: Sox-Sox Gamer

It’s Peavy/Lester tonight at the Fens. Chat about the action here.

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Awful looking offense so far, other than Adrian. Nothing hit hard, a Verlander hangover in effect. Peavy barely hits 91 now.

Ellsbury doubles, Salty runs through a stop sign and almost gets nailed on a throw behind him. Oy.
Get one home Sox!

Good thing he didn’t, Peavy paints the corner.
Now inning over, tie game and Peavy at about 60 pitches. Time for Lester to get efficient and shut down the Palehose.

Well that is fortunate. Guillen calls, inexplicably, for a bunt. This promptly fails, and then Pierre Ks and the runner at second, started on a full count, is gunned down at third. Guillen out screaming, but he ought to be yelling at himself for calling for the bunt. Dumbass baseball.

Lester immediately in trouble in the 6th. He really looks atrocious. It is a miracle it is 3-3.
Tito has Wheeler up. Huh?

And a walk to Pierre. That’s gotta be it right?
Now Curt Young comes out. 123 pitches and counting.
What the hell is going on here? No move to the pen. Lester can’t hit the plate and the sacks are full. This is really dodgy from Francona.

Quickly 2-0. Fuck this. This is amateur hour from our manager. If they escape it isn’t smart managing, it’s dumb luck.

Lester sucked but the 7-3 deficit is on Tito’s sorry-ass decisions tonight.
What fucking game was he watching? What a fucking idiot tonight.

When I watch a game like this I want to fucking throw things. Last night, no big deal – aced out. But tonight? Dumb managing, bad pitching, impatient hitting, and a zombie effort at home. Pathetic and a waste of my evening.

Crazy-ass game.
Wasn’t that long ago the White Sox couldn’t beat the Red Sox. Now the White Sox have won 10 of the last 12.
And Lester’s career ERA against the Pale Hose is above 5.0.

I hope the Red Sox don’t have a Sunday night, end of a road trip/home stand game for a while. I think that’s part of the trouble tonight. And they haven’t had a scheduled off day in a long time.

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