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Fully two-thirds of the Red Sox lineup last night hit a home run, tying the club record. The dates and players (PH means they came off the bench, not that the home run necessarily occurred in their pinch-hit at bat):

  • July 4, 1977 (Lynn 2, Rice, Yastrzemski, Scott 2, Hobson, Carbo PH) 
  • June 20, 1979 (Lynn, Yastrzemski, Watson, Evans, Hobson, Dwyer PH)
  • June 7, 2003 (Ramirez, Ortiz, Nixon, Varitek, Millar PH, Mueller PH)
  • Sept. 15, 2008 (Ortiz, Youkilis, Lowell, Bay, Varitek, Ellsbury)
  • July 7, 2011 (Ellsbury, Pedroia, Gonzalez, Ortiz, Reddick, Saltalamacchia)

The all-time record is eight, set by the Cincinnati Reds against the Philadelphia Phillies on Sept. 4, 1999, though two of those came from players coming off the bench. The Yankees in 2007 (July 31) had seven players go yard, six of them in the starting lineup (Damon, Abreu, Matsui 2, Posada, Cano, Cabrera, Duncan PH).

Limiting it only to members of the starting lineup, the record is seven, set by the Athletics on June 27, 1996, and tied by the Rangers May 21, 2005.

Having now had six hitters hit homers in the same game five times, the Sox are second all-time to the Reds, who have done it six times. No team has done it more since the Sox first did it in 1977, however. Likewise, perusing the list, I don't see any teams with three such games in as short a time as the Sox in the past eight years, so I'm assuming no player has been involved in as many such uprisings as Ortiz's three unless they've done it for different teams. 

The full list below the fold.

Rk Tm Opp Date #Matching  
1 CIN PHI 1999-09-04 8  
2 TEX HOU 2005-05-21 7  
3 OAK CAL 1996-06-27 7  
4 NYY CHW 2007-07-31 7  
5 LAD CIN 1979-05-25 7  
6 DET TOR 2000-06-20 7  
7 BAL BOS 1967-05-17 7  
8 WSH CHW 1949-05-03 6  
9 TOR TBR 2010-08-07 6  
10 TOR BAL 1987-09-14 6  
11 TEX DET 2007-09-11 (1) 6  
12 STL MIL 2000-04-09 6  
13 STL CHC 2006-08-18 6  
14 SFG CIN 1961-08-23 6  
15 SEA DET 1979-06-04 6  
16 SEA TBD 1998-05-31 6  
17 OAK BOS 1997-08-21 6  
18 NYY PHA 1939-06-28 (1) 6  
19 NYY CHW 1977-06-05 6  
20 NYG PHI 1939-08-13 (1) 6  
21 NYG PIT 1954-07-11 (1) 6  
22 NYG CIN 1939-06-06 6  
23 NYG BRO 1954-05-28 6  
24 MIN WSA 1963-08-29 (1) 6  
25 LAD SDP 2006-09-18 6  
Rk Tm Opp Date #Matching  
26 LAD CHC 1976-05-05 6  
27 HOU PIT 2000-08-16 6  
28 DET CHC 2006-06-18 6  
29 CLE NYY 2009-04-18 6  
30 CLE SEA 2004-07-16 6  
31 CIN CHC 1957-06-01 6  
32 CIN CHC 1974-07-09 6  
33 CIN CHC 2008-07-10 6  
34 CIN ATL 1970-04-21 6  
35 CIN ATL 1987-09-15 6  
36 CHC SDP 1970-08-19 6  
37 CHC MIL 1998-09-12 6  
38 CHC SDP 1977-05-17 6  
39 BOS BAL 2011-07-07 6  
40 BOS TBR 2008-09-15 6  
41 BOS TOR 1977-07-04 6  
42 BOS DET 1979-06-20 6  
43 BOS MIL 2003-06-07 6  
44 ATL CHC 2006-05-28 6  
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Gregg can’t shut up, going on about the Sox’ payroll. I guess the chip on Buck’s shoulder broke up and his players each took a piece. The thing about last night’s brawl is that Gregg was thrown out before Papi even made a move to go after him, so the umpire clearly didn’t appreciate what he said, he was the instigator.
Papi should have walked away, though. He was wrong (and stupid) to go after Gregg. Laughing and pointing at the scoreboard would have sufficed.
But it sure is fun seeing Showalter suffer – he is such an arrogant self-satisfied buffoon, stomping around like the king of the field.

get used to the payroll talk sf…as a yankee fan, i can tell you that you’re never going to hear the end of it…again yesterday somebody commented about the yankee shirt i was wearing and how lazy it is to root for a team that simply buys its championships…in fact not so long ago i heard it from you guys a lot ;) i live in florida, you know, with the rays and marlins [eyes rolling], so i hear it a lot from the 3 or 4 fans that actually care a little bit about baseball, when it’s not college football season, that is…now that your team is a member of that same free-spending club, you’re going to hear it a lot…i didn’t see the incident, so i should be careful how i comment, but if i were a pitcher, that’s exactly how i’d pitch ortiz: bust him inside to loosen up his feet and move him off that inside part of the plate…other than the possibility of hitting him, the worst that happens is you tie him up and minimize his power, which is out over the plate…he gets away with his stance because mlb tends to err on the side of protecting the batter [which is ok], and he knows he has the head-huntin’ josh beckett protecting him…with his [beckett’s] reputation, his post-game comments were laughable and hypocritical…as for showalter, i don’t really like the guy anyway…he still has a chip on his shoulder about the way the yankees told him he couldn’t manage a team with post season expectations…he’s well suited to manage a low-rent no expectation team like the orioles…

A little synopsis of what transpired: Gregg started off throwing inside (no big deal, who cares), then did it again on 1-0. Then on 2-0 threw even further inside (at that point his intent was pretty transparent), and Papi said something and started toward the mound (stupidly in my opinion but whatever). Both benches got warned. Then he swings at the 3-0 pitch and pops up and runs it out towards first. Gregg starts saying something as soon as Papi pops it up and the ump, looking at Gregg the whole time, immediately tosses him (he must have said something juicy to Papi to get tossed instantly). Papi, about 1/3 of the way to first at that point then seems to have reacted, turned to the mound, and then all hell broke loose.
The key element is that Gregg was ejected immediately after Papi popped up and before Ortiz ever made a move to the mound. The replays are really good on this. But Papi should get suspended, without any question.
And frankly I don’t care about the payroll talk, I just find it amusing. And hating Showalter as I do I am tremendously satisfied by all of this.

I think Showalter is one of those guys, when he’s on your side, you appreciate his quirks. Remember, he came up in the Martin-Pinella Era. He’s obviously smarter than Pinella but the histronics are still there. Still, he’s a great manager. His ego just rubs people the wrong way.
Remember though that Mo, Bernie, and Pettitte all got their starts under him. Jeter and Posada would have the next year. It’s amazing to consider how he would be seen today if the Yankees beat Seattle in 1995 ALDS. They were ahead in the last three games needing one win. They lost game 5 in the 11th inning.
Because of 1996-2001, we don’t talk about 1995 (and 1994) enough. But for Showalter, what a stretch, huh?

I was too young to see it at the time, but now I see why they fired him. They were up 2 runs to start the 8th inning in Game 5. He left Cone in even while he was clearly over 100 pitches. Mo was fresh. Problem is, Mo wasn’t Mo yet. They had just discovered him as a reliever. All of the other relievers were shot from Game 4.
So Showalter left Cone in. Here’s the box score:
Bottom of the 8th, Mariners Batting, Behind 2-4, Yankees’ David Cone facing 2-3-4.
J. Cora – Flyball out
K. Griffey – Home Run
E. Martinez – Groundout: SS-1B
T. Martinez – Walk
J. Buhner – Single to CF
Martinez to 2B
Alex Diaz pinch hits for Felix Fermin (SS) batting 7th
Alex Rodriguez pinch runs for Tino Martinez (1B) batting 5th
A. Diaz – Walk; Rodriguez to 3B; Buhner to 2B
Doug Strange pinch hits for Dan Wilson (C) batting 8th
D. Strange – Walk; Rodriguez Scores; Buhner to 3B; Diaz to 2B
Mariano Rivera replaces David Cone
M. Blowers – Strikeout Looking
2 runs, 2 hits, 3 walk, 0 errors, 3 LOB. Yankees 4, Mariners 4.
Mo ends up pitching to one other batter before Showalter brings in Blackjack. They lose in the 11th.
Quite literally, Showalter’s life came down to that decision to use Mo. Instead, he let Cone throw 147 pitches. No wonder Torre and now Giardi have learned that you always go to Mo. Torre also rode Mo hard in 1996. He threw 107 innings in the regular season then another 14 in the post-season.
What an amazing period for Showalter and bookeneded by the strike in 1994 (with the Yankees and Expos of Pedro et al as the best teams in baseball) and the Yankees-Diamondbacks of 2001 (after he had just gotten fired again).
Holy crap is that a baseball story. And to think that if the teams had been a bit more agressive in promotion, both Jeter and A-Rod would have featured in that 1995 series.

thanks for the description of what happened sf…i don’t know why you’d assume you know gregg’s intent, or what you mean by that…maybe his only intent was to move ortiz off of the plate, which is apparently the book on him…i think if he wanted to hit him, he could have…to me it just seems like papi wants lean out over the plate and have every pitcher groove him a big fatty down the middle…gregg’s mistake was not keeping his mouth shut after he got the desired result…as for the umpire’s reaction, i’m guessing he just didn’t want the thing to escalate…but at this point, there’s no way i’m giving any umpire the benefit of the doubt…as a group they seem to have a penchant these days for being part of the confrontation rather than doing their jobs and defusing it…he should have told papi to shut his mouth and just get in there and hit after the 3rd pitch, or warn gregg at that point, if he knew his intent…

misread what you said…you did say his intent was transparent…sorry about that…don’t know if/when it became less transparent for you, but clearly both players blew this one…

Jeter certainly has a flair for the dramatic.
God it’s going to be fun seeing people squirming in their seats trying to downplay Jeter’s 3000th hit. Probably something about Jeter sets record for x number of outs made or some such nonsense.
He kind of sucks nowadays, sure, but it’s been an absolute joy watching a 1st-ballot Hall of Famer play his entire career. Guess they’re going to have to update that Yankeeography, huh?

“…God it’s going to be fun seeing people squirming in their seats trying to downplay Jeter’s 3000th hit. Probably something about Jeter sets record for x number of outs made or some such nonsense….”
hahaha…i was thinking the same thing andrew…sure he got 3000 hits, but he’s probably given up as many with his poor range…hahaha…and you’re gonna hear how it’s just a numbers counting type stat…you’re also going to hear how bullspit it was for the yankees to stop the game for a minute to celebrate the moment, freezing the pitcher and fielders…hopefully we win the game too…

Awesome way for Jeter to get there, none of those broken bat flares. Congrats to a great player.
Meanwhile, YES does their cynical best to focus on the special merchandise available now that Jeter has gotten to 3K.

Great moment, indeed. He always had a flair for the dramatic. Now let’s hope hit # 3001 isn’t a double play grounder with the tying run at first! I loved the smiles on guys like Jorge and Mo. Of course, A-Rod had to be in the center there but it seems all good.
My best Jeter story is I saw his Mom and Dad in Baltimore looking for the will-call window. I aksed if I could help them. So I point them in the right direction and as he walked away I thanked Dr. Charles for his sperm. In return he couldn’t run away fast enough. Mrs. Jeter was laughing hysterically. It was one of my finest moments.

at least for this 1 day his critics will need to keep their pie-holes tightly closed…fitting that mo closed it out…

thanks devine…it’s been nice to hear all the gracious comments in the past 20 hours or so, especially since he’s come under so much scrutiny and criticism this season…he will probably never go 5-5 again, but for a few hours it was a nice reminder of what’s he’s been as a player, how much he’s meant to the team, and how much he’s meant to yankee fans…i understand “hating” players of opposing teams, especially rivals, but as real fans of the game, we have to appreciate their accomplishments…i despised pete rose, still do, but 4256 hits is amazing…
changing the subject for a minute…my son is coming to visit me, so i looked up rays tickets…how funny is this?
friday july 15 against the red sox is kyle farnsworthless collectible t-shirt nite…the first 10,000 fans get one…hahaha…my guess is that they end up with about 9983 left over, and the 17 fans that do show up to the game will probably be sox fans, who just happen to be in town that day…my guess is that maintenance will find 17 of those rags in the trash can outside the front gate…

Now Weiland hits Vlad Guerrero with a change-up and gets tossed because of the warnings. Runner on third in a one-run game, his first major-league start! Does anybody seriously believe he hits a guy on purpose? These umps are way beyond stupid.

An errant throw by the opposing pitcher himself, no less. CC’s got an impressive scoreless inning streak going. Starting with his last out of his start against Colorado: 24 IP, 0 runs allowed, 15 hits, 5 walks, 34 strikeouts.

The most retarded part of the whole thing is that the ump waited about 10 seconds after Vlad’s HBP to toss Weiland and Tito. He just calmly walks towards Weiland (who is sitting there shaking his head, upset with himself for the HBP) thinks about it, then tosses him. Horrible umpiring all around.

Cano is the Champion…my friends…and Cano will keep on fighting…till the end…dum dum dummmmmm….Cano is the Champion…Cano is the Champion…
You know the rest.

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General Baseball

Home Run Derby Gamer

You meet so many people who tell you how much they love players who make the small plays. It’s like 95% of baseball fans would just love, just love, watching guys sacrifice bunt all day. And yet, there are no sacrifice bunting derbies. What’s up with that? Could you imagine the excitement?! The sheer gritty orgy of egoless performance. You wouldn’t even know the names of the players involved. They would wear masks and blank uniforms. Maybe their shirts with have the word "Team" on it. That’s it. And their wouldn’t be a winner. No, there just would be a lot of back slapping and high fives in the dugout. And a homer wouldn’t call the context, nor a clownish shill like Chris Berman. You’d get some guy you didn’t even know, and he wouldn’t say his name. He’d just call the derby:

"Nice bunt. Very nice. Gets the runner over. Good job."

"Another solid bunt. That’s just smart baseball. That’s the type of play that wins games…"

And so on.

But we live in another world. We live in the material world, someone once said. That means home runs, and all the things that are superficial and we so abhor.

Comment here on Ryan Braun’s victory.

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