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Home Stretch: Jays-Sox Gamer

Josh Beckett has a bad back. Yay.

Comment about Michael Bowden and the Sox here.

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4-0, 2 out, top 1.
Bowden has thrown 34 pitches, just got the BS cheer for K-ing Barajas. He’s given up 5 hard-hit balls.
Sounds like he’s just overthrowing and his stuff is coming in flat.

Good thing the Sox have clinched a postseason berth so they can afford to start the B-Team.
Except they haven’t.

I think IBM was being sarcastic.
And I don’t see how it’s shortsighted to say that not trading Bowden, who has often been called a Jeff Suppan type, for Miguel Montero, a power-hitting catcher in his prime, is a mistake. Especially considering the Sox’s catching issues and no answers on the horizon.
And, if we can’t use hindsight, then we can never criticize anyone for anything they do ever.

Switched focus to LAA/TEX… around the 3rd inning or so of the Sox game. Looks like Tito’s “I don’t give a shit, it’s sewn up” strategy is steady as she goes (knock on wood). Make it official tomorrow night, Buchholz.

Largely due to a streak during which they won 9 of 10 and the reality of Texas not taking advantage of Boston losing 6 of their last 8, the Sox will clinch the wc no matter what they do. But I don’t know that I’d call the current Sox play as “steady as she goes”, but their first priority clearly should be getting healthy and sufficiently rested given that they have 0 days off over these last 2+ weeks and are seemingly a bit banged up and tired.

Byrd losing to Greinke? Matsuzaka pitching well enough and losing to Sabathia? Spot starter Bowden taking it on the chin? None of this matters very much.
Troubling are Lester’s and Beckett’s suspect health and the bullpen’s recent inconsistency.
And I only meant “steady as she goes” in that the magic number heads irrevocably downward. Tito’s obviously not trying very hard to win any given game, giving everybody a blow. It’s steady as she goes in that they ARE playing the Angels next week (next week!).

For the record, I posted up top before I saw the comments in this thread. Don’t want to be accused of copycatting. :-)
To build on Devine’s point, since Aug. 10, the Red Sox have lost six games started by their Top 4 playoff pitchers (Lester-Beckett-Buchholz-Matsuzaka), while winning 22. Four of those losses were in games Beckett started during that puzzling stretch of hideousness.
I do find the bullpen’s inconsistency troubling, though, and would like to see a strong start each from Lester and Beckett before the end of the season to make me feel better about them.

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