Hope Springs Eternal

On this weekend otherwise devoted to the pigskin (though not so much in this house), our thoughts turn to the green pastures of the mind. Pitchers and catchers report soon. A few things we are (and are not) looking forward to, come opening day.

In Our Mind’s Eye
-Derek Jeter’s first smack to the opposite field
-Philip Hughes
-Joe Torre drinking his green tea on the bench….
-Next to Donnie Baseball
-Mo’s canter in from the pen across that great green expanse
-Wang’s slumpy walk off the mound after another 6-4-3 DP
-Carl Pavano, St. Louis Cardinal
-Take your base, Mr. Abreu
-Robi: first-pitch double off the wall
-Jorge’s quiet excellence
-Yanks vs. Sox. Obviously.

Visions We Could Do Without
-Bonds passes Aaron
-The eye rolling after A-Rod’s first K with men on
-_____will be on the DL for __ weeks with a ____
-Centerstage: Stump Merrill
-Murray’s columns
-Carl Pavano, Yankee
-Roger Clemens, Agoniste

What about you?

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  • One thing I’m looking forward to is Andy Pettitte’s return to the Bronx.

    Nick-YF February 3, 2007, 11:16 am
  • -Godzilla taking Dice-K deep;
    -Robbie’s power emergence; (I said a few weeks ago that I think he’s going to hit 25 to 30 this year)
    -AP peering confidently over his glove before his delivery.
    NOT looking forward to:
    -Waiting around this Thursday morning for the DirectTV guy to come by and install that ugly looking dish outside my place.
    (Sorry guys I buckled to the corporate devils; I have to see my Yanks!)

    bloodyank78 February 3, 2007, 12:12 pm
  • Can’t wait for:
    Ortiz’s first game winning home run
    Ortiz-Manny-Drew, 3-4-5
    Pedroia developing into the player Baseball Prospectus thinks he will be
    Lowell hitting doubles off the Green Monster
    Schilling being the ace he says he will be
    Beckett getting his old stuff back
    Lester’s healthy return
    Sox v. Yankees
    No closer
    J.D. Drew’s first injury
    Those horrible NESN commercials
    The rest of the bullpen

    Max February 3, 2007, 12:30 pm
  • -Role Call. There is nothing like it. Derek Jeter….Derek Jeter….
    -May 22nd against the Red Sox.
    -June 17th against the Mets.
    -Everytime AP pitches. (Sorry I know I copied)
    -Bob Sheppard…Now batting Derek Jee-Tar
    -Taking the time to really appreciate Jorge and all he does. You never know when he will call it quits.
    -May matchup in Scranton Vs. Pawtucket
    Things I am not looking forward too:
    -Getting the credit card bill from Wednesday’s ticket purchases.
    -May 22nd against the Red Sox.
    -Big Papi (From a respect POV)
    -Roger Clemens decision.

    Triskaidekaphobia February 3, 2007, 12:36 pm
  • Yes:
    -Matsuzakas first 10k game
    -Schilling’s first 12k game.
    -Becketts first 14k game
    -Wakefield back at it
    -Papelbon silencing the Yankee propaganda
    -Manny owning the Yankees
    -Ortiz owning everyone
    -The article explaining Pettitte’s elbow issue
    -JD Drew absolutely raking in this lineup
    -Pedroia coming to his minors numbers
    -Fenway Franks
    -A packed Yawkey Way
    -a rested and healthy Tek doing his thing
    -Joel’s string of saves
    -warm weather
    -Wang’s wonderful regression to the norm, and making Nick say sorry.
    -Abreu’s return to Philly form
    -Doc Halliday pitching his gems
    -Lester’s first pitch
    -ARods first error
    -Lugo’s first play from deep in the hole
    -Hazel Mae’s wonderful twins
    -Jeters first dive over the plate to get hit
    -Julian Tavarez losing his mind
    -Don Mattingly doing anything
    -Don Mattingly doing anything
    -Manny’s attitude problem
    -The middle of the Toronto lineup
    -Joe Buck, well really, FOX anything
    -John Cougar’s Chevy commercials
    -Michael Kay
    -Rocket return to anywhere
    -Monday morning after Sunday night Sox Yanks games.

    Brad February 3, 2007, 12:55 pm
  • Am:
    — Sun-dappled Fenway Park, packed with fans, roraring as Big Papi spits on his gloves and claps them together.
    — Japanese flags and the rorar that will accompany each Matsuzaka strikeout.
    — Back-to-back-to-back, Ramirez-Ortiz-Drew.
    — Wakefield returning to the norm with his amazing flutterer.
    — Crisp’s first superman catch as his bat puts the doubters to rest.
    — Daisuke Matsuzaka, Rookie of the Year, controversially taking the award from Dustin Pedroia.
    — The rise of Josh Beckett.
    — Andy Pettitte meeting the AL East.
    — The Red Sox meeting the Yanks’ fifth starter.
    — Sox v. Yanks, all 18 games.
    Am not:
    — Injuries
    — A call to the bullpen, and Joel Pineiro strides to the mound.

    Paul SF February 3, 2007, 2:24 pm
  • bloodyank78,
    “the DirecTV guy to come and install that ugly looking dish outside my place.”
    Hey, that little 2-3 ft. DirecTV dish (which I have had for many years) is nothing. Back in the day, I had to have a 10 ft. steel mesh monster sitting in my back yard to be able to get the Yanks here in Iowa.
    When I got DirecTV in the early ’90s I told a friend of mine he could have the old 10 footer and the receiver if he would just take it down and haul it away. He showed up with a flatbed trailer, and needless to say, I was thrilled to get rid of it.

    Whatever February 3, 2007, 2:40 pm
  • a more detailed list from me:
    -Robi Cano’s sweet swing
    -Johnny Damon’s cheerfulness
    -Robi and Melky-BFF
    -The Mike Mussina hop off the mound
    -Kei Igawa interviews and news will be great fodder for this site
    -Matsuzaka living up to the hype..The Yanks winning the division anyway
    -The headlines in Boston following JD Drew’s first injury on April 8.
    -The Derek Jeter fist punch after a Yanks win in mid October.
    -Mariano shattering another bat.
    -I hope and all my good wishes are directed toward seeing Bobby Murcer opening up the Yanks opener with mic in hand. Failing that, I hope for a healthy and speedy recovery.
    -Chien-Ming Wang making the statisticians look silly again.
    -Josh Beckett not making the adjustment.
    -Checking out Lohud to find out the starting line-ups 4 hours ahead of WFAN.
    Am Not
    -Listening to John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman

    Nick-YF February 3, 2007, 2:41 pm
  • I knew you couldn’t pass, Nick. hah.

    Brad February 3, 2007, 2:45 pm

  • Good:
    -Jon Lester and Bobby Murcer’s successful recoveries
    -ARod’s rebound
    -Josh Beckett’s pursuit of single-season HR record
    -Andy being dandy again
    -Phil Hughes
    -Boston’s bullpen
    -#27 (duh!)
    -Seeing Pavano in a NYY uniform again
    -Retards who’ll boo Arod after his first K
    -Everyday Scottie making pitching his 200th inning in August
    -Bernie anywhere near the home dugout
    -Murray Chass
    -Michael Kay/John Sterling/Suzyn Waldman
    -Joe Morgan, TV analyst
    -Bonds breaks the Aaron record

    yankeemonkey February 3, 2007, 3:10 pm
  • …the sox lose…TTTTTTTTTTHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEE sox lose….

    dc February 3, 2007, 3:32 pm
  • Paul: When Phil Hughes gets called up in July, you may no longer be that interested in seeing your Sox meet the Yankee’s “fifth” starter. For, say, the next decade or so.
    Trisk: I’m right with you on Bob Sheppard. He definitely belongs on my pro list. But Cotton Eye’d Joe. Not so much.

    YF February 3, 2007, 5:01 pm
  • If Phil Hughes is still the Yanks’ fifth starter in 10 years, I think I’ll be more than pleased.

    Paul SF February 3, 2007, 5:41 pm
  • Uhuh:
    – Pettitte back in pinstripes
    – Moose acting any way he wants noticing that the media will stay no matter what
    – Jeter pumping first after game-winning HR in WS
    – A-Rod going 4 for 5 and getting booed
    – Cano finally getting moved up in the lineup
    – Hughes, Sanchez, Ohlendorf, in Spring Training
    – Trade talks for a new 1bman after platoon fails and Yanks beg Bernie to come back
    – Damon’s dance
    – Giambi getting the Papi luxury
    – Abreu/Giambi combo pissing off pitchers everywhere, resulting in 50+ arguments with the ump over the strike zone
    – Farnsworth hitting 100+
    – Enter Sandman
    – Melky robbing Manny, part 2
    – Ball too far for Melky to rob Manny
    – Pavano on the DL with headache
    – Posada’s off-day replacement
    – Igawa getting lit up
    – Clemens decision

    Russell February 3, 2007, 6:57 pm
  • I forgot some:
    -The First “Freddy Sez” of the year…and hearing that spoon hit the pot!
    -Replying to Brad when none of his pipe dream list comes to fruition. (Beckett’s 14 K’s LOL)
    -Ronan Tynan
    -First order of Chicken Fingers at the Stadium (I know, I know, it’s not a Hot Dog but those Stadium Fingers are Bananas!)
    -All those Varitek Jersey wearing Sawwwwx fans leaving the Bronx shaking their heads.
    Not Looking Forward To:
    -Sweet Caroline
    -Train Races

    Triskaidekaphobia February 3, 2007, 7:21 pm
  • Melky robbing Manny, part 2
    The only way this happens is if Manny hits it foul over to the bench.

    Brad February 3, 2007, 7:54 pm
  • Becketts 14….
    yeah, there’s no way he has enough stuff to do that. What was I thinking?
    None of it Trisk? You crack me up sometimes.

    Brad February 3, 2007, 7:56 pm
  • I’ve never understood why anyone would wear Sox stuff to Yankee stadium and listen to the retards, and the same goes the other way too? Why do people do it?

    Brad February 3, 2007, 7:57 pm
  • Beckett K’s 14, still gives up 4 HR, including the gamewinner. I could live with that!

    yankeemonkey February 3, 2007, 8:15 pm
  • > and listen to the retards…Why do people do it?
    ’cause I love the sound of my own voice.

    attackgerbil February 3, 2007, 8:18 pm
  • Ag – I love the way my face looks without stitches too, which is always a real consequence when people do this. I’ve never been to YS, but I have seen some terrible and stupid things happen to people in the Fens or out on the stree in front of it. Really, I’d say the most dangerous time for Yankee fans is walking to Fenway and away from it later that night. I’d imagine the same is true about NY.

    Brad February 3, 2007, 8:21 pm
  • In my mind’s eye
    – Crisp April air blowing through a mostly empty PGE park on a weeknight minor league game. One can here everyone’s cheer and jeer. (True: once, I was one of _three_ fans in the beer garden on a drizzly night; me, my buddy Matt, and an Asian tourist. The tourist lazily walked after the first three foul balls. He and we gave up on numbers 4,5,6…)
    – First base seats and a bang-bang play
    – Mr. Torre the first time he takes his slow walk to the mound and signals for Mo from the pen.
    – Jeter fielding across his body and throwing to first in the air while jumping back off the apron.
    – Chiming in on previous posts, tuning into a YES game and hearing Bob Sheppard behind the mindless prattle of Michael Kay
    – Finding out the gyro-ball is actually the gyro-snack. Mmmm. Japanese lamb.
    – Being down a run when they yank Paps for Piniero.
    – Robi making second base look so easy
    – Robi making swinging the bat look so easy
    – Johnny throwing himself into the wall with total disregard for his health
    – Andy’s quiet confidence
    – Moose shouting Torre down the steps on his next near-no-no
    Visions I could do without
    – Papi the Punisher
    – Manny the Mauler
    – Drew the.. the.. well, Drew.
    – Finding out the gyro-ball is actually un-hittable.
    – Sheffield with something to prove with les Tigres
    – Yet Another First Round Exit

    attackgerbil February 3, 2007, 8:42 pm
  • Brad- mine was more an attempt at self-denigration (listening to the tards=listening to myself), but you’re right. The funny thing to me is it is _such_ a different game on the east coast than on the west coast. I’m talking totally polar, in what it’s like to go in as the enemy to any east coast rivalry vs. going to a game on the west coast. It’s bizarre. I remember going to a Bills game with a Pats fan about 15 years ago. He was ridiculed, we got pelted by snowballs, he changed clothes before we went to a bar after the game because it was just so rough.
    My girl’s mom dated a guy who is a dyed-blue Michigan fan. When he travels on the road to games at Ohio State, he would take all the collateral off his truck and fly no colors at the game. He learned his lesson when he came outside after a game at the OSU and found his vehicle keyed, egged, and painted.

    attackgerbil February 3, 2007, 8:48 pm
  • Come on Brad think back, I am a big fan of Beckett’s stuff. I am only pulling your leg. My first list contained no anti-sox sentiment and after reading a few posts after mine I felt cheated, so I checked in with a little “Sox” love.
    Brad one question for you, when you say silencing Paps silencing Yankee propaganda what do you mean? Are there Yankee fans who don’t think he is for real?

    Triskaidekaphobia February 3, 2007, 10:30 pm
  • Yeah. I’ve seen it here and elsewhere numerous times that they don’t think he can make the switch because he doesn’t have the pitches. Nevermind the fact that guys who throw like him, and are built like him, and basically throw the same two pitches (the fastball, the fasterball, and the splitter) have done pretty well.
    I just happen to think that if he can handle the new role physically, he’s certainly got the talent to excel. I don’t actually think he’s a question mark at all in this rotation, and I’d imagine that he will go right back to the bullpen at the end of the season as the playoffs approach, which I think gives a huge boost (ala Derek Lowe) to that pen towards the end.

    Brad February 3, 2007, 10:41 pm
  • ag- I had a buddy who had the same thing happen to his car in Philly.
    I’ve been pretty darn hammered at games before, but I’ve never thought of ruining someones car. I did toilet paper a house with a Yank flag on it once, but I was 14, so that’s my official excuse. The peer pressure was just too much to fight! But I’d never start a fight with a guy at a game, and to tell the truth, it’s usually women who are most vocal about it! I guess they feel that noone will cross that moral line in the sand.

    Brad February 3, 2007, 10:46 pm
  • I think Paps have the stuff, just maybe (and hopefully for a YF) that it’ll take awhile, since there’s the initial adjustment period..
    And keep in mind that there’ll also be the second adjustment period when batters adapt. Having a great fastball is great, but as Beckett found out, it’s not enough when you’re a starter.
    It’s all speculations anyhow, so can’t wait until April!

    Lar February 3, 2007, 10:48 pm
  • I agree that he will be a very successful starting pitcher. His stuff really is good and it’s not like he hasn’t started before. I think the transition will be seamless. I don’t agree however that they will throw him back in the closer’s role. Maybe you have more insight then me, being a sox fan after all, but being a baseball guy that move would do more to harm his progress then good. The way that manager’s and teams baby their pitcher’s arms and minds, that transition would be a crapshoot with both. Yeah Lowe did it, but I imagine they have much higher long term hopes for Paps.

    Triskaidekaphobia February 3, 2007, 10:52 pm
  • My apologies for going off topic, but last question for Sox fans.
    I know that Paps was an outstanding closer at MSU, what was the reason for moving him to SP in the minors?

    Triskaidekaphobia February 3, 2007, 10:54 pm
  • He’s got the stuff, and being a SP is softer on the arm because it’s more consistent.

    Lar February 3, 2007, 10:56 pm
  • I understand the baseball reason. I don’t understand the reason from a Sox point of view with their abudance of SP talent in the bigs and in the minors and their lack of closer. (I mean at the time he was transitioning Foulke was the closer and I can’t imagine they thought Foulke would be the Sox closer for a long time) That’s what I was getting at, sorry for the confusion.

    Triskaidekaphobia February 3, 2007, 10:59 pm
  • I think they beleive as I do, that great starting pitchers are more valuable and once he developed a great splitter, which is nasty, I think it made sense for them to do it.
    But, I have no insight whatsoever. Actually, I think he may have wanted to do it. I think he figured that with Foulke around for three years, it was his fastest way to the majors.
    I can remember last year him saying that he wanted to be a starter before spring training.

    Brad February 3, 2007, 11:03 pm
  • I have no idea why the Sox/he ultimately chose starter over closer, but from the monent he began playing professionally in the Sox system in 2003, he was doing both. In low-A ball, he started six games and relieved in seven. Just a guess, but maybe he fared better as a starter, or his rough stuff translated better as a starter? I really don’t know. The next season, 2004, he was a starter only for high-A Sarasota.

    Paul SF February 4, 2007, 1:46 am
  • I think I remember reading on soxprospects.com that they thought he had the build/makeup/stuff to start, and the decision to convert him came pretty quickly. They’ve updated their info on him, but initially, I think that was the reason…a 200 inning horse is more useful then any closer.

    desturbd1 February 4, 2007, 2:36 am
  • looking forward to [or, hoping for]:
    ..spirited, lively, fair-minded discussion with my pals on this site about the fortunes of our respective teams as the season unfolds
    ..sox closer hunt
    ..emergence and continued maturation of more young talent on both teams
    ..murcer’s return to yankee stadium
    ..andy’s return to yankee stadium
    ..my return to yankee stadium
    ..manny being manny
    ..arod proving his detractors dead wrong
    ..jeter proving his detractors dead wrong [again]
    ..uncle theo’s 5,689 excuses why the sox aren’t competitive, can’t spend like the yankees, and aren’t in a position to take corrective action before the deadline, because of his philosophy of grooming young talent like jd drew…
    ..dm success [see, i can be balanced]
    not looking forward to:
    ..bernie not playing
    ..yankee panic [fan and fo]…please don’t trade the young guys
    ..shilling contract drama
    ..arod contract drama
    ..torre contract drama
    ..any drama involving bonds
    ..uncle theo’s 5,689 excuses why the sox aren’t competitive, can’t spend like the yankees, and aren’t in a position to take corrective action before the deadline, because of his philosophy of grooming young talent like jd drew…
    ..melky playing [means someone got hurt]
    ..$8 beer
    ..bounce back year for varitek
    ..jeter’s next girlfriend
    ..being shouted down or shut-off by [the very few] hyper-sensitive sox fans with arguments that fly in the face of facts…[not on this site, that doesn’t happen here]
    ..arrogant yankee fans with a sense of self-entitlement

    dc February 4, 2007, 1:05 pm

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