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Hot Hot Hot: Sox-Angels Gamer

Comment about your streaking Sox here!

(five in the LC and shrinking! Watch out above!)

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Paul Byrd is awful, and in a perfect world he’d be elsewhere. Be that as it may, go Byrd!
As for the Sox catching the Yanks: not
gonna happen. But it would be cool.

I’ve got the game on TV (stupid ESPN though) while listening to WEEI on my newly purchased iPhone. Now this is the way to watch some baseball.

Wow is this announcing team terrible. Apparently textbook baseball is “Angels baseball”. Running when it would be retarded not to? Angels baseball!!
And Byrd is atrocious.

I would argue that Steve Phillips does not have ‘overpowering stuff…’
I don’t know how much longer I can stand the ESPN Crew

Oh c’mon! I get playing the Red Sox and its Paul Byrd pitching . . . why couldn’t have been Josh, Lester, Clay, or even Daisuke when I have access to live video?!

Byrd is atrocious. Still. He couldn’t fool my 2.5 year old. Thank God the latest hotstreak decreases the impact of his presence.

I remember in 2004 when I was watching the Sox play the Mariners in Seattle, my friends were shaking their heads because so many Sox batters had averages above 300. Now, not so much.

Man, the Angels just look dead. All the contenders are crapping out down the stretch, first the Rays, then the Tigers, now the Angels…

JASON BAY SINGLES! It’s a one run game.
Then Lowell GIDP… except Aybar drops the ball, and Bay is called safe, even though it looked like he lost it on the transfer.
Correction, replay shows that he never had control at all.

Bay barely singles through the hole, 3-3 Sox with two men still on base.
Man it’s awesome being on a hot streak. Everything breaks your way.

Alex Gonzalez with a dying quail, 5-3 Red Sox. I know his OPS+ is only 93 with the Sox this year, but man it seems like he gets hits when we need them. Fantastic pick up by Theo.

Guess I should go feed the dog and take her for a walk in the middle of Sox games more often! I left at 3-0 LAA right after the Torii Hunter homer and I just got back!

I hate that I’m reduced to scoreboard watching the Rangers but they ARE down by 4 in the 7th.

Ack. Torii Hunter again! C’mere doggie – I don’t care if you’re full. Eat and I’m taking you for a walk!

am-SF, from now on we’re gunna ask you to do that when we need a good rally. Rally-caps be damned!

My dog might start getting the Pavlovian response to Sox failures . . . wouldn’t want that. Would hate to see her wagging her tail when the Sox are behind – I would have to take her back to the pound if she does that! :)

Tito does seem to leave pitchers out there for just long enough to let them hurt us – I mean why was 6-5 after solid contact not time for Ramirez to leave but 7-5 is?

Drew walks. Two men on with no outs.
Good job Tito, pinch-hitting Josh reddick for Varitek. If he’s not sac-bunting here I’m going to be very angry.

WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS BULLSHIT? Who the hell said you could swing away, Reddick?
You’re lucky you’re fast, cause that was a double play ball.

Son of a bitch. Ortiz doesn’t get pinch-ran for, and that passed-ball should have been a run there. At least Reddick took 2nd.

Bard gets two quick outs. Then Steve Phillips starts comparing Bard to K-Rod, and he immediately gives up two singles.

Exactly IBM. I have no idea why he kept throwing over, when the second run is nowhere near as important as getting the third out.

HOLY SHIT YES! That was totally strike 3, but we’ll take it. Holy crap I can’t believe we got that call, it was right down the middle.

That is 2 horrendous calls. That was not a ball. What do you guys think? Looked like he struck out twice…

Red Sox/Umpires 1, Angels 0. Doesn’t really matter to the Yankees, who just continue to cement their lead, but damn, the umpires are freaking screwed when their union contract is up.

This ump is an embarrassment. If I were Scoscia, I’d walk out calmly, stand right in front of the ump, and kick
him calmly in the nuts, and walk calmly back to the dugout.

If there were ever a game that should be protested, this is it. Holy hell. But I do like to see the Angels get screwed.

I agree…Fuentes should never have let it get to that point in the first place, but he did technically get the save. This umpire better be sitting on his couch come October, right next to Angel Hernandez and Marty Foster.

I have no idea why the Angels decided to pay Fuentes instead of K-Rod. They are a massively over-rated franchise. Who the Yankees I guess can’t seem to figure out.

Congrats – bad calls are part of the game.
Having said that, it’s a call like that which really makes me wonder whether/how (some) umps are affected by the situation and the crowd. If it’s the same exact situation at Angels Stadium and the crowd is all cheering for the strikeout in the top of the 9th to end the game, does the ump (or at least this particularly incompetent ump) not get swept up and call that same pitch a strike?
I so dislike both teams that misery for either brings me joy so I don’t care a whole lot, but that outcome was slightly offensive to me as a baseball fan simply because there are some calls that are just too blatant to miss.
Regardless, 2 fantastic thrillers tonight for both the yanks and sox.

Personally, I think Yankees fans should be happy the Angels are losing, cause there’s a chance the Rangers will win the division. I’m sure you guys would rather play them than the Angels.
And this shouldn’t matter much in the grand scheme of things… if the Red Sox end up tying the Yankees for the division, and winning by default because of the head-to-head record, then you guys can talk about this game.

Man, is that an embarrassing strike zone.
MLB certainly has enough fodder to dictate exactly what the umpire’s union is going to do, if not dissolve it completely. I know the job is hard, but we have the ability to make it better, and they’re going to have to go along with it, even if it means they get less responsibilities and less pay. That’s life.

wow, just watched that Green AB, Fuentes K’d him twice! I guess when things are going your way they really go your way…good for the sox. Maybe they can use up the good karma now and run out by October! ;)

Good data Dan, but that actually does show that there were a ton of strikes that were called balls at the bottom of the strikezone. 10 or 11 of them, by my count. What a horrible ump.
Thankfully in the last 5 years they’ve been using data like this to review umpires every off-season, so this will end up biting him in the ass.

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