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Hot Stove Heating Up

There are lots of rumors surrounding both of our teams right now.  The Yankees are being linked to Hiroki Kuroda, Gio Gonzalez and John Danks.  The Sox are making a push for a Wagner College's own Andrew Bailey.  Most importantly it's being reported that the Yankees are willing to listen to offers for A.J. Burnett.  Who do you want?  Who don't you want?  Here's your place to discuss it all.   

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Let’s hope so John. Everyone seems to want Eduardo…they can have him. Gio or Danks for Nunez and some other mix of prospects not named Delin, Manny or Jesus and I’m stoked.

Looks like Madson to the Sox is also close to happening as well.
Keep reading that Nakajima wanted/wants to play on West Coast…I guess signing him may be more difficult than simply winning the bid.
Krueg, I think as much as it pains us in order to get one of those guys (Danks/Gio) we’d have to part with something more than Nunez and crud.

Pujols to the Angels. 10 years 250-260 full no trade. Should be a good deal for at least 5-6 of those years, what about years 7-10? Best hitter in the game hands down, but how many guys are worth that money at 38-42? Now the Angels have 3 legit 1Bman. Rumor is they will non-tender Kendry Morales.

Part of me says hang on to the youngsters and go with what we have for next season. I would love to see the Yanks bid on Darvish, but as far as trading a bunch of the kids for Danks or Gio, I am starting to think no thanks.

Unless the sources and reports I’m reading about the Sox are not true (and who knows with this team) I’m not thinking they are going to make many moves. I don’t think they are going to go over the luxury cap next year because of the new CBA rules where teams can get refunded on revenue sharing money if they stay under the cap for multiple years. They only had about $20M in luxury tax space, and that was before Ortiz accepted arbitration. I
‘m thinking bullpen help, maybe a second tier 4-5 starter. They’ve told Aceves to prep to be in the rotation and Bard is interesting in starting and the team is willing to at least think about it. Also seen comments saying that Kalish or Reddick could be in RF and they would be happy with that.
I’m sure they are betting on that 2nd WC team happening next year and not in 2013.

The more I think about this. I think the Yankees are going to go after Darvish.
I don’t know this, but having a Japanese superstar, i.e Godzilla, has to come with a substantial windfall in Japanese sponsorship/fan money. I have to think the money they got from Japanese interests had to have paid for Matsui’s contract and them some.
Darvish is a superstar in Japan. He’s big, young and throws hard. Even if he isn’t any better than Nomo, I would have to think the Yankees would make a ton of money from Japan.

Looks like the Red Sox got their closer: they just acquired Mark Melancon for Jed Lowrie and Kyle Weiland. They still might go after Madson or Bailey, but Melancon is a good option to be honest.
Sort of sad to see Lowrie go.

I am really lost re: Cashman’s approach to the 2012 team. Part of me says OK, maybe he’s just planning a calculated strike. The sensible part of me says he really believes that lightning can strike twice and that Freddy Garcia and other retreads can pitch us to an AL East title. I am the FIRST to say I was wrong and that his approach worked (somewhat) last season, but to think it’s going to work twice is lunacy. I don’t need the big name signings, throwing money at everyone approach, but when you see other teams around you getting better day by day you have to start to wonder. This 2012 team is built to win NOW, not in 2 years, NOW. So while it’s great that we aren’t trading the farm for guys like Ken Phelps anymore, we still need some guys for this year. Betances, Banuelos, etc… are not 2012 impact players like it or not. Cashman and the Yankees need to find a happy medium. We go from free wheeling, throwing money at and trading for anything that throws 90 and hits 25+ HR’s to what we have now…Jeter, Tex, A-Rod, Mo, they are all running out of chances, strike now!
That said the 2 best options free agent SP wise are Edwin Jackson and Hiroki Kuroda. I’d pass on Jackson and if they couldn’t upgrade via trade I’d take the chance on Kuroda. I won’t pretend to know anything about him other than his numbers and by all accounts there he’s solid. The best options are all available via trade. Let’s see what unfolds, I am certainly hoping we make at least one impact move SP wise…please!
Happy Holidays to everyone. All the best!

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