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Hot Summer Nights: Sox-Orioles Gamer

Kyle Weiland hurls. Hopefully we don’t.

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Weiland will go down when Lester is back.
Still needs seasoning.
Still, it’s been a good experience for him to get a take of The Show, if you can call Baltimore The Show.

I am trying to identify what Weiland does well. Even guys who aren’t ready sometimes show what they can do. He doesn’t seem to have much control, and his curveball (supposedly a good pitch) hasn’t even registered.
He’s filler at the moment and just a not-quite-ready prospect I realize, but I just can’t figure out what about his repertoire is that interesting or promising. I am not meaning to be harsh, but can someone help me see what I am missing?

I don’t really buy the “home run derby messes up swings” thing but Gonzo has basically sucked since the ASB. Probably regression not the derby.

Weiland has now slugged his way through 5, still those three runs. Good off speed stuff to get Jones to close out the 5th.

Perception is everything, if Lackey had only given up 3 through 5 it would be a good outing. Or if the Sox were up 7 or 8 to 3 it would probably be considered a good outing.
Hopefully the few starts, may get another since Lester isn’t back for a week yet, will show him what he need to do the next time he comes up.

I’ve been watching only intermittently, but getting a quality start out of Weiland seems like a good deal to me (with an asterisk for it being the Orioles). He probably wouldn’t be in line for a loss if Gonzalez, Youk, or Crawford had a hit.

Weiland has done a nice job. It looks like as the night wore on his ability to change speeds was a real boon, so the Orioles never got settled in against him. Still can’t pin what his best feature is, but he did a very nice job tonight.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that Big Papi’s stupidity has contributed to the Sox’ offensive woes tonight. His moronic suspension hasn’t helped a bit.

That may have been the worst inning I have ever seen down one run with the meat of the order up. Absolutely inept.
Oh well.

One more “fuck you” to Big Papi. What a dumbass. Talk about hurting the team, he did it big time. It makes me really mad what he did.

Depressing game (yeah, yeah, they are still in first and still with the best record in the AL even with the loss), they need to win these games. Is it me or do the big hitters in the offense all seem to go in a slump at the same time? All the runs last night notwithstanding.
Not having Papi hurts the team. Hopefully they will rebound tomorrow night and Miller will have a good start. Man how I long for the days where I felt good about winning when 3/5th of the starting rotation going, now we are down to just Beckett.

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