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How About a F*cking Win, Sox?: Sox-Yanks Gamer X

No clue why the Yankee mods are so negligent with these gamers, considering their team is in first, at home, flying high, and, yes, unstoppable.  Maybe they don't really love the Yankees. Yeah, that's it. Turncoats.

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403 replies on “How About a F*cking Win, Sox?: Sox-Yanks Gamer X”

Can’t post tonight because we have people over, YF’s baby…
Go Yankees.

Did you ever think us Yankee mods are superstitious?
Hate to say it but I need Beckett to come up Grande tonight. Fantasy baseball is killing me, but we’re talking significant $$$.
The good news for my team is that Beckett looks unhittable.

That’s funny! SF, even if I wasn’t lazy/superstitious there’s no way I could have done any better than “can we get a f@cking win!”
Singleton just said Nick Green has been struggling a little bit as of late…uhhhh no Kenny he’s just regressing to his normal awful Angel Berroa like self. The good news is if you combine Woodward and Green you almost get Lugo.

Actually, John, he’s beyond regressed, he’s gone so far below his career averages these last few weeks it’s ridiculous. He’s something like 2 for his last 34 or something with an OPS in the .300s. It’s pathetic.
The shortstop position has really been a heel for Theo, though it’s also an overrated heel since they won in 2007 with Lugo. But still…wish Lowrie could just stay healthy, I feel bad for the kid since he’s never really had a fighting chance with that wrist.

Brains leaking out of ears. The Red Sox are really playing shitty ball on all fronts right now.

Nice. First Cano hits a double, then Beckett gives up a walk. I think I’m going read instead . . .

Such a manly at-bat by Swisher; that took an inning off of Beckett’s night right there.

Have to chime in…
THe ump’s strikezone is a joke for Burnett. Beckett getting low and outside strikes, AJ getting neither. He just struck out Youk TWICE and ends up with the walk. CALL IT BOTH WAYS AS-SHOLE UMP!!!
That is all.

they would have been better off sitting ortiz and putting lowell in at dh. just my opinion.

Burnett also has been getting that call, but he’s getting squeezed down low and up high.

Let’s see Rationalization Sox Nation explain why they have no disdain for that one.

Let’s see Rationalization Sox Nation explain why they have no disdain for that one.
Yeah, because we’ve never called Beckett a dumb Texas hick. Never ever ever.

Welllll he just got out of a tight situation without actually giving up any runs. A situation that is different than the situations I personally have criticized Joba for. But that’s just me.

Not only a fist pump but a “Yeah Motherf*cker”…He just got out of a huge jam, if there ever was a situation that deserved it, it was that.

So predictable – you guys go on a hot streak, take over first, and all of a sudden it’s 1999 again with the venom and cockiness from some of you.

The world’s smallest violin plays the most heartbreaking rendition of “My Heart Bleeds for You”, SF.

No reason to break out the violins, doug. I’m good. It’s a regular season ballgame and in the grand scheme of things not worth it.
But the last week, with the Ortiz thing and now a Yankee hotstreak, it’s released the worst in resentment. It’s easy to see, I live in NYC and have since 1994, so I’ve been here for the end of the Showalter era, the Dynasty, and now the last several years of near-misses. The swagger is back, but it’s got an undercurrent of anger that wasn’t there before, probably because before the dynasty it wasn’t the Sox that were the tops. I have to think that has something to do with the attitudes right now, and I actually understand it, it makes sense.

SF: It’s not fair to generalize like that. I don’t lump in the Boston fans on this site with your average “Tawmee from Quinzee” Masshole; neither should you assume that all Yankee fans are bitter or mean-spirited as you describe.

Yes, doug, you are right. I’d narrow it to a number of posters at this site and certainly some commenters at others. But it’s noticeable regardless.

A lot of the anger even on the “rational fan” side comes from how the Yankees are portrayed in the national media, compared to the shining beacon of fair play and American values that is the Boston Red Sox. I’d like to flip on Baseball Tonight without some slobbering fatty-fat like John Kruk or some blabbering idiot like Steve Phillips offer astoundingly wrongheaded criticism of my team, for once. This is a pipe dream of mine.

AJ drops the hammer on All-Star Jason Varitek in the exact same spot to strike him out. Beautiful.

Yes, but the Sox for years and years were just LOSERS. Even though there were plenty of other teams that won nothing, that didn’t even taste division championships. Meanwhile the Sox won in 1986, 1988, 1990, made the playoffs a bit more regularly once the wild card came through, but the epic losses branded both the teams and the fans complete, utter, losers. I mean, it goes both ways, doesn’t it? Some Sox fans embraced that, just as many Yankee fans embrace the “count the rings” ethos. I enjoy this site that we created when we hit the middle ground. These last few years have presented something foreign for all of us, the defiance of the stereotypical result.

AJ drops the hammer on All-Star Jason Varitek in the exact same spot to strike him out. Beautiful.
Wait, what year is this again?

i know that, just having a sense of humor about how many people have been stealing on us this year.

Phewww…Reddick almost goes Yahtzee!
I want a beer, but I haven’t moved from this spot all game…It’s times like this that I wish I had a robot.

IBM, I picked up Reddick in my keeper league not really knowing a whole lot about him. I read a few places that despite his lankiness, he can generate some power, he can fly and he’s a good OF’r. Apparently the feeling amongst the Sox FO is that this kid might be good enough to replace Bay/Drew. Don’t know how true that is…

Lucky break for Ells. At least it is if he scores. Otherwise it is a non-consequential bad call.

Ellsbury’s reputation beats the throw by Jorge.
At least that’s good for my fantasy team.

The fans OOOOH on that 1-2 pitch to Pedroia, and it was literally 18″ off the plate. Perfect example of why the fans shouldn’t be relied upon.

That third strike to Kotchman is a pitch that I WISH they called a strike. But they don’t. So yes it was a strike, but no they haven’t and don’t ever call it a strike.
Wish they called it consistently. It was a strike.

I thought the fans were saying HUUUUUGHES
AJ plays the game The Right Way and waits until he’s in the dugout for a fist pump.

To make myself feel better about the Sox I am watching a little Mets post-game. I think they won, but still.

If you include the Rays series, the Sox must be hitting about .050 with RISP, maybe worse. This many slumps would seem to indicate structural issues, not anomalies.

Why all the subtle jabs Doug? Everyone is cool in here tonight, let’s stay that way.

Probably the same reason we didn’t deal Bay, SF
I can’t figure this out. Because we thought it would hurt our chances?

It was a can of corn, IBM, just short of the track. But ALL HE NEEDED WAS A SINGLE. He didn’t need to try to drive one 420 feet just to get a hit. Poor swing.

I am puzzled??? Why the hell is Mo in a tie game? He always gets hit when he comes in a tie game. Why not leave Hughes in??? Seriously Joe???

Come on, krueg. ERRYBODY knows that the 9th inning is the MOST IMPORTANT inning of the game, next to the 8th, of course.

This game is out of control. Mo does his job but now we have to win this inning because then what, Ace pitches the rest of the game or else we definitely lose….
Come on guys. Jump on 1 stinky fastball and end this…

Two hits in nine innings. Lame.
September will be a nice month to watch Tazawa, Bowden, see what they have for next year, because it ain’t gonna matter for this one.

I like Bowden pitching.I think they should have put him on Smoltz place way before. But I’m glad Boston didn’t.

At least last night it was over before 9. Tonight is going to prove a colossal waste of a Friday evening. I could have been playing video games goddamit!

Well,SF, I’m actually playing the Baseball Mogul here while I watch and write. Heck of a nice game.

More chances for a walkoff-or not.
And Burnett AND Beckett pitched just as they should tonite,so no wonder it’s 0-0.

3 straight pitches…that will do it. We ALL know that ARod will NEVER hit a walkoff HR against the Sox…EVER.
Francona out-managed Girardi. Period.

I wonder if Jonathan Papelbon is so confident, cocky, a team player that he thinks “God, having this Bard kid here is great”, or if he thinks “shit, this kid is going to take my job soon, maybe sooner rather than later”.

Ace almost makes a big mistake. You saw Tex say “Don’t Stop.” Needed to continue through bag or get out of way, umpire could call obstruction.

SF,I don’t think he can threaten Papelbon there,maybe if he proves so good he can be traded for someone Boston needs.Maybe.You never know.

Understood IBM…
Yankee announcers getting annoying. 9 innings is tough enough. Where’s Flash or Coney?

Really, Mike? I could see the Sox trading Paps and slotting Bard in, Paps has made noise about getting paid.

Yeah,you get a good point there.I just say that because even with the money talk he is a stablished closer.Bard not quite yet.Thats why I said maybe, a lot of factors get into that kind of thing.

Jeter with ANOTHER chance to come up big this game with 2 outs…CAN HE DO IT??? WILL HE DO IT???
Papelbon coming in…this is insane. Top of the Sox order coming up next inning. Not good.

Well, very wild pitch, I thought it would get into the dugout and down into the clubhouse,so hard it was running from

Krueg,I think he can, it don’t look right for Jeter to end the game without a hit – well,a reach on error could do as well

Ok going to get a beer. Risky move because if we win it will become the new lucky beer…and if ____I’ll never drink it again.

I agree with krueg about Pap, and he also looks like Chuck the killer doll when he’s looking on to the catcher.

Joe really blew this game…
He ran into that DP earlier with Matsui and Cano against Beckett
He should have let Hughes pitch the 9th. He was rested and ready to rock. Now our bullpen is spent and they still have Paps for this inning.
I think I’ve developed an ulcer from this game.

John,you should do like me and order a pizza as well for the other 8 innings… maybe you can get a lucky slice or something,hehe

I know I am IBM, I know… :)
I’m trying to bring dickhole back…I haven’t heard anyone say it in YEARS! You know you guys say it now…
3 OUTS!!!! GREAT JOB ACE!!! #2, 3 and 4 hitters with ANOTHER chance to end this game. Please?

Sure he looks goofy. But that’s no reason to hate. I don’t hate Blow Joba because he fistpumps a strikeout when he’s behind in a game … oh, wait. I DO hate him for that.

I don’t hate him for that,Bill, I just said because it’s kinda scary,you gotta send the kids out of the room when Boston needs him in the 9th(or 10th). I just don’t like him,for lack of other reason, because he’s a Red Sox. :)

You have got to be kidding me…that’s the inning. ARod is up. Easy out. The entire reason he is a Yankee is for this moment. This exact moment. Extra innings, 2 outs, chance to walkoff. Has NEVER done it…
Let’s watch.

Did I make the beer come out your nose?

And Assface. I think that one is attributable to Fletch.

Good enough, Mike.
I’m drinking a beer called Simpler Times, a 6.2 pct. lager brewed in Monroe, Wis., that I buy at Trader Joe’s.
But I’m about to switch to Negra Modelo.

yes,krueg, just like there are some guys I can’t hate,like pedroia. And maybe even ells, I dont hate him for stealing home that time. There’s probably the same with sox fans and yanks players

sounds good,Bill,Wis beers. This Negra,where is it from? And of course A Rod is out.

Big surprise…not. This one is going to hurt so bad when we lose. I may puke up oreo’s and diet coke. That is going to sting I’m sure…f-ck.

He is back to being CHOKE-rod in my posts until he wins back my affection. Replaces Flusher as he is back to Swisher since he has been playing well.

Well, I wouldn’t bet on anyone to win right now,but are those pitchers in as inpired night or what? If I knew it was gonna be like that I would have gone to the stadium and wandered around the place until the 9th inning,take a seat and watch the rest of the 9 innings.

krueg are you by any chance… ANGRY EATING?
angry eating – no wait – eating with any sort of emotion attached to it is the most hilarious of things imo

I guess I’ll just have the good old Heineken.Nothing luckyer than a green bottled beer.(Ok,doesn’t make much sense,but I had to make a case for the beer).

Man,this picture of MDC on gameplay looks like fake beards from a veeeery bad movie. I advise krueg not to look at the picture eating,may choke you in laughs

hinske keeps getting on base so someone-anyone brings him in.Come on guys,help me out here.Running outta beer.

krueg,what about some herb medicine?I wish I never said it would go into the 18th.

Ah yes, the fabled Sox-Yanks rivalry, exemplified by a 13th inning showdown between… Brian Bruney and Chris Woodward?

Well,Hudson,they kinda used everyone up in the hopes it would end quicly,we have 4 relievers and the starters right now-if you cout mitre a starter.

I’m sorry for doubting you Brian.
Next up Amstel Light…please let this be the lucky beer!

This guy is dealing…f-ck. How many chances are we going to give the Sox? Meat of their order up again next inning…disaster on the horizon.

I mean, come on…the guy has had 4 chances to end this game. Is he really even one of the best players in baseball anymore? Doesn’t he really just get by on name recognition and past achievement? Does he really scare anyone? Has he ever done anything to make anyone think that he is going to get the big hit? Not against Boston anyway? If he did that, he would be Pujols or Manny? Not the paper champion that he is and will always be…ass.

reddick really wears the red sox all the way to the… CHIN,hehe.Ok,let’s talk about football then,we have all night anyway.

WTF,Bill? Same as always,different pitchers.Except sox have 1 reliever left and we got 4 don’t know if they are properly rested

This game is insane.
I followed along soundlessly to the XM display on a three-hour-plus car ride. Couldn’t take it anymore and turned on the sound in the eighth inning. Finally left, reluctantly, in the 10th to meet and greet family, etc. Now on GameDay in the 14th.

we are going to break the record of posts here,on he sixth page or so. wow,ortiz,he’s amost as bad as a rod clutch at all,unless if you count youk advancing to 2nd of course.

Sorry, Mike. I believe the record for posts is actually close to 1,000. We’re still a ways away.
Of course this game probably has another nine innings to go. Bring on Tazawa!

And it’s all my fault Paul,I said we would go into the 18th. That sounded funny at the time. Now krueg needs CPR and herb medicine for the ulcer.

And I mean my fault for the earlier post about the game being insane,not your last one. Was the record on a game?Probably

The Red Sox’ third Japanese pitcher of the night. Junichi Tazawa makes his MLB debut, and it’s probably his game from here on out.
Good luck, Tazman.

Yeah, it was a Sox-Yanks game, Mike, but I couldn’t tell you which one. This coulda been it, but the first nine innings only took like 75 comments. All the rest are the last five innings.

Well, if this one was a matinee we would for shure beat the record. And he is a strike throwing machine. His family is all happy,because their kid just beat godzilla.Way to go,Taz

I haven’t commented because I’ve been holding my breath for a few hours, but with Tazawa in, I guess I’m calmer because I can’t blame him for the inevitable loss. But can I just say right now that I think the Sox would have won this game if Lowell had DH’ed instead of Papi? Ortiz is in a horrible, horrible slump and giving him so many key at bats was dumb.

Blech. So, TV watchers, how does Tazawa look out there? GameDay says he’s thrown three fastballs, two sliders and a curve.

i agree with you SW,as I said before,he AND A Rod are totally no clutch tonight.But we have nobody to put in ARod’s place.Now we win.

GameDay says Tazawa was squeezed on Ball 1 to Hinske. And Ball 2. Pitches over the plate at the knees aren’t strikes anymore?

Paul,he looked good until the first out, but clearly very nervous.He is trying to stifle it but you just can’t. What a way to debut

So every ball put in play has been a line drive. Not so great. Two outs now though.
GameDay says Tazawa has thrown four different pitches now. I wonder how many of them are any good.

wow,drew,you should record that and play in your living room nonstop.Wow,I felt my guts freeze there

*sigh* The problems with GameDay. A lineout to JD Drew is just a lineout. I guess he made a good catch?

my gameday is stuck,so i got gamecast and tv, but i don’t know which pitches gameday says he throws, he’s got that early 80s sinking with a lot of movement

great catch,paul,be sure to watch on when you can. And by inches cabrera fouled a rbi 2b to right and now Ks. my heart…

I’d be a lot more excited about getting out of that one if the Sox actually had a chance to score in the 15th? But Reddick, Woodward, and Ellsbury? Really, Tazawa’s going to have to throw at least 2 more scoreless and I’m not holding my breath (anymore).

it’s gonna be a homer,john. and i cant even shout if we win,everyone asleep here.

anyone with gameday can tell if taz is the last reliever left? Mike Kay said so and i just bought it.

Taz is the seventh reliever, so he’s it. I think Drew is the position player most likely to pitch. Francona had talked about warming him up during last year’s extra-inning All-Star Game.
For the record, the longest game by innings in MLB history is 26. AL record is 25. Longest shutout is 25. AL longest shutout is 20.

I’m not sure whose day this was to throw his side. Probably Penny’s, since he’s the only one not pitching this series, so that’s not really an option. I’d feel better with Drew on the mound. Hopefully Taz settles down out there.

Any Sox fans out there?
If they lose, does this game make you feel better or worse about the Sox’ chances going forward?

ok,thanks guys. But that is the thing,john,i dont think he can handle the pressure of 3+ innings.

How exactly would it make me feel better about their chances, Paul? Especially with Buchholz/Sabathia tomorrow another guaranteed loss. I mean, already knew that Beckett was a good SP and that the bullpen had some good nights.

At this point, my main rooting interest in the game is about how I *don’t* want to beat the Sox — A-Rod. Damon would bother me a bit and I guess Melky, too, partly because of the thread here the other day and partly because he’s already had so many walkoffs.

what a awful bunt,the ball almost hit him in the chest,he was kinda defending himself more than bunting there

Why would you have Damon bunt in that situation? That’s not smart with Teixeira and A-Rod coming up, and the speedy Damon isn’t a good double-play candidate.
Point taken, stuck. I was thinking it’s pretty impressive the Sox haven’t imploded yet.

Heh. Pitch in the zone called a ball. Pitch inside called a strike. I guess that works out, except for the whole “call balls and strikes” thing.

I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it…AN ABOMB…FROM AROD!!!! YANKEES WIN…THHHHHAAAAAAAA YANKEES WIN!!!!
pure joy.

wow!!! you cant blame the kid,that was too much for him, he actually did a helluva job given the situation. but what matters,the yankees win!!!

Oof. Well. Only a matter of time, wasn’t it?
You’re right, SW. I don’t feel better. It was a fun game. Sucks that somebody had to lose. Sucks even more it had to be us.

got a pie in the face,by CC i guess.Looked like he threw a 96mph pie on ARod’s face in the middle of the interview.hehe

lol it was a running pie clothesline.
Was it whipped cream this time? I don’t think you’re supposed to lick shaving cream off of your face, A-Rod.

krueg,you crack me up.Now with all the coffee i had for the game, i guess i’ll just go up and play mlb 09 the show. And good night everyone,pleasure.

I don’t think you’re supposed to lick shaving cream off of your face, A-Rod.
I doubt it’s the worst thing he’s…oh, never mind.
Without a 3rd starter of any kind and the offense deep-throating like that, that’s pretty much the season.

A valiant effort by the young Tazawa, but his two pitches were hittable. It was a matter of time, I guess.

Later,krueg,take care you all.See ya tomorrow,almost certainly.And yeah,great game!Happy sweet dreams tonight,for sure.

and me doug,and the kid taz got potential,but he’ll have the time to show it. Now I go.Good night

Well, once again, our bullpen is amazing. Not scoring off Bruney was a fucking travesty. Someone oughta be fired.

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