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How Bad it Was

A little perspective: the Sox have won five of six, looked quite good defensively in the process (starting pitching!), and they have climbed all the way back to…7 and 11 – a terrible record, and still five back from first in the loss column.

While it is fantastic to see the team succeeding (and a salve for our mental stresses that accompanied the first couple of weeks), another little bad streak and they are back where they started. This is why we were so down on the first twelve games, as even a really great streak brought the Sox all the way back to a poor stance, record-wise.

Certainly big steps forward and reason for optimism. But the hole was, still is, a factor. We will likely be reminded of it for a long part of the season, barring some sort of immediate long-term winning streak.

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“Certainly big steps forward and reason for optimism.”
As if Bartolo Colon and Freddy Garcia pitching for the Yankees wasn’t already enough?
In other news Mariano Rivera Jr. is headed to Quinnipiac…Turk Wendell’s legacy as the most famous QU grad will now be in jeopardy.

I was thinking the same thing, but opposite. The last week of the Red Sox pulling it together has been torture. I’d enjoy them being out of the race by the end of May.

Jesus SF, you’re killing me. What if? What if this team plays to the mathematical probability based on their collective talents and history?
Get off the bridge, or call in to WEEi.
John, the QU line was gold!

Not on a bridge at all – that was last week – just keeping everything in perspective Lock. I am thrilled about the last week of play obviously, and hopeful.

actually, i understand sf’s point, and it’s a good one…like spent money, the sox aren’t going to “get back” those early losses, despite the more recent success…those games are gone…they are still in last place, 4 games under .500…while the 6-4 record in the last 10 games is great, the first place yankees are also 6-4 in the last 10 games [tampa’s 8-2 whodathunk?]…i’m still pollyanna about the sox because i think this latest iteration of the sox is the real one, but there’s still a hole, and getting out of it also relies on the teams ahead of the sox in the standings to cooperate with slumps of their own…with the yankees shaky pitching, this division is very much up for grabs…

There are 7 games still left to play.
In April.
So yes, another losing streak and they’re back in a big hole. And maybe at that point they’ll only have 135 games to make it up instead of 155.
Look, I’m not trying to be an insensitive jerk. If the Yanks had done what the Sox did to start the season I’d have been pissed too. But until last season the Yankees regularly started the season slow, falling behind for not weeks but months.
On June 27, 2009 they were 42-32 — 4 games behind the first-place Red Sox. They took the division by 12 games over the Sox that year, collected 103 wins and took the World Series.
Just like that 2009 Yankee team, the Sox are also 4 games back right now (4 in the L and 3 in the W). And yet they have all the time that the 2009 Yanks had to make it up PLUS an additional 2 months and a week.
Perhaps more importantly, your team has now shown you what they are capable of doing – so the questions of “maybe our pitching really is this bad” should be dissipating no matter what runs of good and bad luck you hit from here-on in.
I don’t know why I’m trying to make sox fans feel better — perhaps because I actually like (some) of their fans, especially those who are here, even while I despise your team. While I’d love nothing more than to see the team fall on its face, especially after all the pre-season hype, I don’t particularly take pleasure in SF being in semi-agony. Especially when I see little reason to be!

No reason to take pleasure in me being in agony (or not take pleasure). I didn’t post this to convey a sense of agony, just to convey perspective, and to keep the highs lower and maybe make the lows a little higher than they have been.

what’s wrong with me too?…i should be taking great pleasure in seeing sox fans whining and wailing over the state of their team…i just can’t bring myself to do it…i must be mellowing as i get older…i thought i was supposed to be getting grumpy or cranky or whatever…it can’t be that i actually like guys like sf, paul, ath, and the rest of you sf’s…no way…i want to rub it in so bad…i guess it’s part mellow and part the fact that i’ve seen way too much baseball to count this team out…i know it sucks to be a fan right now…if it were the yanks i’d be screaming at the tv, then i’d turn it off, declare the season over, and go fishing…

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