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How Deep Can Wang Go?: Yanks-Rangers Gamer IV

Get your minds out of the gutter.  I am simply referring to this being Wang's first start since being called up back on May 23rd.  Wang's pitch count today will be 80.  Girardi is hoping that Wang can get them 6 innings.  I on the other hand, am just hoping he can hold the Rangers to single digits.  Phil Hughes is now in the bullpen, but he will not be available until tomorrow (at the earliest) according to Pete Abe.  This is your gamer for today's Yankees-Rangers battle.  Comment away!    

YANKEES (31-22)
Damon LF
Swisher RF
Teixeira 1B
Rodriguez 3B
Cano 2B
Matsui DH
Cabrera CF
Cervelli C
Pena SS

Pitching: RHP Chien-Ming Wang (0-3, 16.07).

RANGERS (31-21)
Kinsler 2B
Young 3B
Blalock DH
Cruz RF
Murphy LF
Byrd CF
Davis 1B
Teagarden C
Andrus SS

Pitching: RHP Brandon McCarthy (5-2, 4.35).

Lineups courtesy of Pete Abe.

63 replies on “How Deep Can Wang Go?: Yanks-Rangers Gamer IV”

Wang looking good so far, striking out 2 in the first inning, lowering his ERA to 15.

JD with a leadoff HR with Jeter out, and Wang is quickly staked to a 1-0 lead.
Swisher promptly doubles off McCarthy. Hopefully this will be a short outing for McCarthy.
Tesh reaches on error – Swisher still at second.

ARod lines into a double play. Can ARod get anything going with men on? Or will this be another one of those “wasted opportunities” days?
Cano up with Swish on third, but two outs.

And Cano lines out to end the inning.
So other than the JD lead off HR, the Yanks didn’t get anything going, despite getting two men on. Bah.

Wang looking good still (for now), pitching a “perfect game” through 2, with 3 K’s to boot. 22 pitches through 2, 14 for strikes.

McCarthy is making the bottom of the Yanks lineup look silly. 1-2-3 inning, and 1-0 Yanks after 2.

Chris Davis with a ground rule double, and Teagarden sac’d him over to third. So Davis on third, one out, here’s Andrus, and then the top of the lineup.

Andrus grounding out to third base, giving Davis nowhere to go. Kinsler now up trying to tie the game.

Headed down to DC this weekend to see the Nats take on the Mets. I will take pictures and hopefully report back with my findings. I have never been to DC as an adult, so I am excited for both the baseball and the history. That being said, the Yankees need to win today!

Cruz strikes out to end the inning. Not a great inning, but not super-bad for Wang if he can work around it, and if the Yanks can bail him out just a little bit..

I am sorry to say the Wang era has ended. Hopefully Phil wasn’t getting too comfortable in the bullpen.

Bah, the Yanks keep on wasting lead off doubles. You got to score that.
Yanks getting dominated by a pitcher who they really should not. McCarthy should be destroyed. Bah.

Ya, it was going to be tough.. welcoming Wang back against Texas at the New Yanks Stadium. But still..

Wang did not have his “pinpoint” control to get his contact-based pitching going. That said, he mostly kept the ball in the park, but was hit hard anyhow.
I hope it’s okay, though of course I said that as he ballooned his ERA to 34, so err.. go figure.

Pena worked out a walk. Good job.
Top of the lineup up. Maybe he’ll even steal a base!

Chien-Ming Wang went from one of the top Al pitchers last season to probably one of the worst pitchers this season.
Phil Hughes was doing well enough that Wang could have been added to the bullpen until Girardi knew for sure he could return to the starting rotation and be productive.
Either way it doesn’t bother me because the Sox are up 6-3 against Detroit and first place is looking nice.

Swisher with a leadoff single, and promptly Gardner is out to run for him.
The middle of the lineup is up, and with a chance to take the lead..

Unfortunately, Tesh grounds into a double play. It happens, I guess. Wasted Gardner/Swisher though.
ARod is up with two outs.

Andrus flies out and the Yanks have yet another opportunity to scdore a few runs or something.

Cruz strikes out with the tying run at 2nd. David Murphy is now up as their last out.

The Mets, kreug? No team should lose against them. They have, like, 2 major league hitters in their lineup. Any AL team should dominate them.

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