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How Do You Like Your Game Gamer: Sox-Jays Gamer II

Baseball is time that is dull and morbid as waiting for a bus.  In the rain.  When you don't know when the bus is to arrive.  And your shitbox car is broken, and so is your wallet and you have nothing to do but wait for the bus that you are loathe to ride.  And once aboard, it's the wrong damned bus.  And it is still raining.

Baseball is time that is as focused as an Formula One, with more power, speed and talent than it is possible to wrap your head around.  Athletes accomplish feats that are not possible, not by our normal bodies.  And there are harrowing, torturous experiences where the resolve is as intense as the magnifying glass held over a crackling leaf.

The Boston Red Sox have one-run decisions in six of their last seven games, five of which went to Boston.  I want my team to slaughter their opponent.  But I want my team to do what is going on with the Sox right now, which is the stuff that makes baseball the Greatest Game Ever Invented.  I heard aspirin might prevent heart attacks.

How do you like your game?  Comment away.

Broke metaphors aside, with how the Sox are winning, are you not entertained?

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“as the magnifying glass held over a crackling leaf.”
that’s some awesome writing there, ag. i’d be lucky to be that true and perfect with any of the language i use.

Much as I’d like every game to end on extra innings with a steal of home, a triple play, or a walk-off grand slam, what I really want to see (and can more reasonably expect) is high-quality play — whatever the final run margin.
So though the Sox have made it “exciting” lately, I can’t exactly say they are playing high-quality baseball. just the opposite: Most of those six games were close precisely because of bad pitching and weak hitting, with some poor fielding in there to boot.
Play like this, if it continues, will lead sooner or later to another long losing streak.
The 2003 Sox (arguably a better team thhan their 2004 championship squad) lost a ton of one-run games. Right now, the run of tight wins seems more lucky than good.

“Bonus shot of Buchholz’ girlfriend Lindsay Clubine in the crowd.” – now wife, and pregnant!
Good job for Buch, he seems to be a bit of a head case, so hopefully he can build some confidence.

Ahh my mistake dw!
The best part about last night was that Buchholz knew his job: to go deep in the game. He threw 80 strikes out of like 115, which seems like a higher percentage than he usually throws.

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