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How Long?

How long will he get away with this. Aaron Judge is slashing .290/.343/.758 but that’s not the story.

This season: 62 ABs, 9 HR. I doubt this rate will increase because you don’t pitch to a guy who hits it out of the park one-in-seven at bats.

He has a massive letters-to-knees stance, being 6’7″, but anything that is remotely near belt level is going to travel at least 330′, so why risk it. It helps he is a nice guy, but I can not imagine that any pitcher looks forward to the challenge of trying to paint corners with Aaron Judge.

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Error in the original post should be correct to read .758 in the third slash, the 1.101 is OPS. It still stunning that in 2017, Judge lead the league in runs, walks, strike-outs, and home runs. Now, in 2020, he is on a tear. Maybe it’s because pitchers didn’t get full opportunity to prepare for the most odd season since when athletes became soldiers and went to Korea, or the second world war, for another possible consideration.

They really are not walking him, yet.

Can he ever stay healthy though??? I LOVE him to death, so does the wife but…

(missed you brother!!!!)

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