How the F*ck are we Tied for First?!: Sox-Twins Gamer IV

Game at 1:10, chat here.  

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Remember two weeks ago when Longoria had to sit out because of the lineup mixup, and the Rays lost the DH for the game? Well they put Longoria in the game for the final 3 innings, and apparently that shouldn’t have been allowed to happen. Way to screw things up, umpires.

I’m on record as saying that Longoria has the world’s worst douche-bag face. Very punchable.
Drew draws a walk. This lineup is a lot less fearsome without Bay.

Youk walks too. Okay Lowell, you’ve had two days rest. Show us what you’ve saved up for us.

The extent of my knowledge of Chicago pop culture revolves around Ferris Bueller.
Lowell grounds out softly.

Beckett strikes out Span by going up the ladder. Commander Kick-Ass has returned.

Just to weigh in on the earlier discussion, do people really find Longoria’s face that much more annoying than Teixeira’s? For whatever reason, Teixeira’s mug really bother me.
And in other news, that’s a pretty sick first inning for Beckett. Let’s hope he keeps it up.

Nice IBM! I’d buy it. That movie has one of the best baseball scenes in a non-baseball movie, where Cameron is saying “He cannot he cannot he cannot SaWING battah”
I take it back, I drove to DeKalb to visit a friend back in January so I was reasonably close to Chicago.
Beckett strikes out the side.

Longoria’s face is worse than Teixeira’s. Teix’s face is big and goofy, whereas Longoria’s is more along the lines of that frat guy who used to try to hit on your girlfriend at college parties.
Papi singles.

HAH, ump throws the ball back about 40 feet. The look on his face was priceless.
Krueg, we wouldn’t like his face… but we would ignore it ;-)

Ath- I dunno. Maybe Longoria looks like the frat guy who’d hit on your girlfriend, but Teix looks to me like the kind of guy who’d just hit her, you know? A real meathead. (I’m just talking about when he’s playing, not necessarily in interviews, etc.)
Anyway, can this PLEASE be the day that Papi gets over .200 once and for all? Wouldn’t that be nice?

Ath- I was careful to specify that Teix only makes his meathead face on the field, so your publicity shot is neither here nor there.
Also, the bottom of this lineup today is just brutal.

Maybe I’m a little biased because I liked Teix when he played for the Rangers. I dunno. But Longoria has that entitled look, as if he has been playing for 15 years and knows he’s a badass. Did you guys see where he screamed at a fan a few weeks ago after failing to catch the ball in foul territory? It was a moment that really makes you hate the guy. They were playing the Sox.
Hey look the inning is over. At least it means Beckett can get back to his magic.

Yes, ath, and the guy, a real goober-looking bozo, was wearing a Longoria T-shirt.
And the ball was not catchable by Longoria.
That sealed the deal for me: I went from hate to despise.

Yeah, I can understand being upset about missing a catch, but Longoria continued to yell and scream at the guy for about 15 seconds after the play. It’s one thing for fans to ridicule a fan for something like that, but a player? You just ruined that guy’s day, along with his young son who was with him.
When I lived in Texas I got to meet Dean Palmer once, and he was a total asshole. I was maybe 8 years old at the time, and it ruined the baseball experience for me for about a month.

No wait, it’s ball 4 because the ump’s strikezone is inconsistent. Lame.

I hate complaining about the strike zone, but I really want to complain about it here…

Actually he didn’t say anything SF–I gave him a ball to sign and asked him something like who his favorite player was growing up, and he just stared at me after giving the ball back. He was signing autographs outside a grocery store on a Saturday morning, so he was probably hungover.

I don’t mind a small strikezone, as long as it’s consistent. This strikezone is not: it was big for the first 1.5 innings, then suddenly got smaller for Beckett. He’s hitting the corners just as well as he was in the first, they’re just not getting called this time around.

Well, if the 2nd inning was Beckett’s implosion, it looks like he’s gotten over it. Now let’s hope this lineup can score. At some point. Because it probably won’t be the 7-8-9 hitters that do it.

you know, Tek gets a lot of crap but if Papi was hitting .242 with 9 dingers they’d probably have a 3 game lead right about now.
My god, that’s so sad. Are my expectations really so low now?

I don’t understand why Ellsbury wasn’t bunting there. Best-case scenario: you get a single. Worst: it’s a sac bunt.

Another one right in the zone and he misses it. I was expecting a changeup there, so maybe he was too.

with regards to the “who looks like a bigger tool: longoria vs. teixeira?”, teixeira wins hands down. it’s not even a contest.

If someone had told me that on May 28 Varitek would have 10x as many homers as Ortiz, without Ortiz going on the DL, I would have called them crazy.

Bunted ball hits Lugo while he’s still in the batters box; Gardenhire loses his shit about it.

Bailey tags up and scores, he looked out by a LOT. Redmond immediately tossed, replay shows he was tagged before touching the back of home plate.

That’s one rule I never understood: why can’t the DH (Mauer) move into another position, and then a bench player take over as DH? That has never made sense to me.

On the replay…I’d say it was closer than I thought, but he was just out. Could be wrong.

I agree Devine, the replay shows that he was clearly out. Though it was close because Mauer hesitated on the tag.

Brendan Harris:
Loves to face: Four-seam
Hates to face: Fastball
Come on Gameday, isn’t it a little late in the season to still have these errors?

Baseball likes to have a few utterly nonsensical and overly complicated rules (cf. dropped strike 3, batter can try to make it safe to 1B UNLESS first base is occupied with less than 2 out). It adds to the romance of the game. Or something.

OH SHIT, Varitek loses it in place for Beckett and gets tossed. Francona follows.
Good job Varitek for doing it before Beckett lost it.

Two manages and two catchers tossed in a day…just don’t throw in Beckett…
Sucks that our hitter of the day is out of the lineup.

Varitek deserves a lot of credit, he did that solely to protect Beckett from getting tossed. The first pitch of that at-bat was a curveball RIGHT down the middle, and that strike-three pitch was right on the corner as well.
Seriously, great job by Varitek.

He’s been inconsistent all night RBF, and in that at-bat there were two perfect pitches that he didn’t call.
Beckett immediately screamed “GOD FUCKING DAMNIT YOU COCKSUCKER” (thanks to the cameraman for showing that immediately after it happened), and after a few moments Varitek hopped up and got in the ump’s face to divert attention away from Beckett.

Tito was just going out there to backup Varitek; can’t let him sit there and get tossed without going out there himself to get a piece of the action.

Wow, just looked back at the game stats, am waiting to see a replay, but how was the first pitch to Harris called a ball!?

Wow Beckett still getting squeezed. He’s still muttering under his breath too.
Beckett and Kottaras not on the same page.

Welcome to the party SF, that’s what Beckett has been dealing with all night. You can see why Varitek had to get himself tossed.

At least Beckett is sorting his sh*t out this May, if Lester and Matsuzaka are not.

Camera immediately went to Beckett’s face after the pitch, saw him say it live Mark.
Another great outing by Beckett; hopefully Papelbon doesn’t blow this lead again.

I just watched the actual video of that first pitch to Harris. Curveball with break that clearly fooled the umpire since Tek caught it on the outside black. It probably crossed the plate 2 or 3″ further over the middle.
And whomever is doing color commentary for NESN sounds EXACTLY like Sam Kinison. It’s eerie.

Quick inning for the Sox. Kottaras/Bailey/Lugo in the 9th; if one of them gets on then Ellsbury will get a chance to extend his streak.

I really hope they can pull off this split. I’m NOT looking forward to seeing the Jays at their house after their 0-9 road trip. Seems like they’re bound to turn it around…

From 3-0 to swinging K. It’s a beautiful thing, Oki. Now the terrifying portion of the order.

I am just waiting for Coomer to start yelling to Orsillo “SAY IT! SAY IT! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!”.
or “IT’S SAND!!!!!!!!!!”.

That movie you’re referring to (Back To School, right?) is probably the only good thing he’s been in. Aside from that I hate him.
Oki out of the inning after 15 pitches.

I’ve seen maybe 10 minutes of standup from him, and I wasn’t really a fan. Maybe I saw some of his less funny stuff.
Hey look, Papelbon wants Ellsbury to get another chance to extend the hit streak.

Papelbon gets a lucky out #2. Why does his stuff look so underwhelming tonight? Isn’t he supposed to pitch faster than 95?

it’s not just tonight, Ath. Paps has been hittable on more than one occasion….

Great location from Paps. Good win too.
Onward to Toronto, where we get to miss Halladay yet again. I’m cool with that.

A W and a split is great considering the mostly-sucky offense in this series (7 runs in the last 3 games, 13 in the whole series).

“Camera immediately went to Beckett’s face after the pitch, saw him say it live Mark.”
That’s great. I love when the camera catches player swearing. And while not normally a Beckett supporter, I heartily condone any and all criticisms of the piss-poor state of Umpire strike calling.

Yeah, sadly because of that they probably won’t show it much more. The ump today was just awful though, it was painful for both sides. Okajima got a lot of favorable calls that helped him out.
Though the other day when Eck accidentally said “Shit” when reading Youkilis’ lips after getting hit by a Santana pitch was hilarious.

Check out the highlight on It’s the Twins broadcast, you can plainly hear him yell “God damn it! That was fucking *can’t tell what the word is*”

HAHA wow Devine, I watched the replay and didn’t hear it at all, then cranked the volume up and it’s clear as day. Good times!

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