How Do You Say “Just Trying to Help the Team as Best I Can” in Japanese?

ぞんざいなシリングは日本語を学んでいる。彼はフロント・オフィスから先端を得たか。または彼は公正Okajima から生きているがらくたを退屈できるたいと思い、大きい私達の大統領がいかにであるか(多分) 、いかにについての彼の物語のMatsuzaka 私達は"切られてそして" イラク"からの操業できないし、いかに彼は何人かの貧乏人を離れて頭部を8 歳のelvish 具象" Warcraft の世界"の前の夜取り除いたか。、それがスタンドアップ式のteammate からのもう一つの素晴らしいジェスチャーである。 (及び神は人々が何をするために把握する時) これが英語にいかに翻訳するか知っている
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  • Holy cow. That’s a lot of writing for such a cheesy cliche.
    I wonder what it looks like to write:
    “well, all we can do is focus on the game at hand. We can’t afford to look past this opponent or we could get beat. The overall goal is the playoffs, but we have to take it one day at a time. We’re finally getting healthy, and I’d like to thank God for the opportunity to play this game becuase without him, nothing is possible”….

    Brad December 9, 2006, 6:59 pm
  • I did the altavista babelfish translation back into English:
    “Rude Shilling has learned Japanese. Did he obtain the point from the front office? Or he the junk which has lived from fairness Okajima thought and that you can be bored we would like, large our presidents how are, as for Matsuzaka us of that story, how concerning (perhaps)”being cut, and” “Iraq empty it could operate and or how did he from the pauper of some person separated the world of the elvish concreteness Warcraft of 8 years old” the night before remove the head “? That is another splendid gesture from teammate of stand rise type. (And when grasping because the people do what you know God) this how translates in English,”
    There are so many questions about this passage that need answering.

    Nick-YF December 9, 2006, 7:05 pm
  • The original post that I translated into Japanese was this — no reason to keep people in the dark:
    “Curt Schilling is learning Japanese. Did he get a tip from the front office? Or does he just want to be able to bore the living crap out of Okajima and (possibly) Matsuzaka with his stories about how great our President is, how we can’t “cut and run” from Iraq”, and how he lopped the head off some poor 8 year-old’s elvish avatar the previous night in “World of Warcraft”? No matter what, it’s another nice gesture from a stand-up teammate.
    (And God knows how this will translate back to English when people figure out what to do)”

    SF December 9, 2006, 7:08 pm

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