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HRD “Gamer” Thread

The best part of the HRD is the kids in the field shagging flies. Other than that, it’s a lame substitute for an actual baseball game. I’d rather watch the Nats play the Pirates from bad seats in the rain than this contest, but I’ll probably tune in for a bit anyway, just because I like to watch baseball on my birthday and cruel fate conspired to make it a non-starter most years because of the silly ASG. attackgerbil is 40 today, which is pretty darn old for a gerbil.

Consider this your happy homer thread to cheer on Nelson Cruz, Prince Fielder, Adrian Gonzalez, Ryan Howard, Brandon Inge, Joe Mauer, Carlos Pena, and Albert Pujols; hopefully one of them will do a Josh Hamilton impression so this thing isn’t a total time sink.

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The average lifespan of a gerbil is two to four years. Wow. You’re setting records, AG!
Happy birthday!

Joe Morgan claims that Stan Musial, Hank Aaron, and Willy Mays are all tied for the most All Star appearances at 24. However, after about 15 seconds of research at Baseball-Reference, their appearances are:
Musial: 20
Aaron: 21
Mays: 20
I really miss FireJoeMorgan.

Me too, Ath. At one point in the first round he didn’t seem to be able to understand that Fielder and Cruz were definitely in the next round even though there were two more hitters. My 8 year old was talking to the TV at that point…

Yeah, at one point Morgan was saying that Carlos Pena hits mostly opposite field homers because when he pulls the ball he gets more topspin. One of the other broadcasters then noted that Pena had 3x as many pulled-homers as opposite-field ones.

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