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Hughes For The Win: Twins-Yanks ALDS Gamer III

Sorry to be late.  Phil Hughes faces the Twins, who are putting Brian Duensing on the bump for the block.

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Everyone roots against us in the media it seems…fuck them. Look at the lack of success these idiots had against us. We basically ended Smoltz career last year and Darling? Garbage.

Mauer is pretty overrated. He’s like a catcher version of Wade Boggs. The power last year was a fluke. Now, that said, he’s one of the top 3 catchers in the majors at this point and I would love to have him on my team. Just not the fearsome hitter people make him out to be.

I’m just noticing how Phil looks like he’s getting chubby. Not even close to being at Sabathia levels, though. Oh well. What I really came back to say is that as much as I hate Joe Buck and Tim McCarver (who are with Joe Morgan in my unholy trinity of awfulness in broadcasting), if FOX doesn’t play Kid Rock every single commercial break then I will welcome them back with open arms.

I just try and back in the glow of knowing that even the broadcasters get pissed at our awesomeness like every other hater. Fuck them all. Go Yankees. :)

I hope Tampa Bay takes the Rangers to the full 5 games but it’s probable it will be NY vs. Texas in the next round. Tough series but I pick the Yanks in 6 (fingers crossed)!

I love how we now have an automatic 8th inning guy. Kerry Wood, I’m sorry for everything I said about you when we traded for you. You did have an ERA over 6 and a WHIP around 2, but it was because you were with an awful team and can only be truly motivated by an atmosphere of success. Right?

Really, it was probably best that some of our other guys got some work in anyway. We bat, then Rivera to close the 9th. They’re not going to let anyone else finish this series, especially with a six (!!) day break.

Yeaaaahh YANKEES!! WOOO!!
Fuck Pavano, fuck Smoltz (how freaking biased is he because he knows what its like to be dominated by the Yanks?)
Fuck this dude’s salmon colored suit
Dominating performance by the Yankees. The whole team was on for this series. Let’s go get whoever is next.
See you fellas in 6 days.

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