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Hump Day: Megagamer

Today is hump day, and funny enough the name of the day is what the Sox are doing to their season night after night. Chat about all action here.

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If Theo doesn’t think “what the fuck am I going to do with this awful pitcher and his awfuler contract” when he watches Lackey pitch then Buck Showalter was right.
He is the worst fucking pitcher ever.

Between that HR and those three lucky outs I think the Royals walloped the ball a combined 1,500 or so feet that inning but only got one run out of it…
This game has an uneasy feel to it. Feels like the Yanks are winning by 20 but then you look at the scoreboard and it’s only a 1-run game. Superb bunt by Gardner with two strikes on him and he’s on first. Run Brett, run.

Damn. Gardner picked stealing second. He has been pegged by superb throws several times this year despite his tremendous speed. Wonder if he is getting as good a jump as he should be. Yankees living on every base tonight, except home-plate, which they are visiting only very occassionally…

He’d be in my doghouse too. He’s made a Jeff Weaver-like transformation into a shitty pitcher upon arriving in Boston. Except Lackey had a better and longer track record before changing teams, so it’s gotta be that much more infuriating.

Great to have several yfs joining the game tonight…so let me ask you all for a reality-check:
Last night Rafael Soriano told Girardi – again – that he was aching and so wouldn’t be available. Now, I guess I should prefer players who cop to injuries that might effect their performance rather than hiding stuff an dmaking it worse, but he has done this a few times now and it’s starting to piss me off. You?

And into the pen, beginning with some guy who never pitched higher than single-A ball until this season. These are the kind of guys against whom the Yankees completely and inexplicably flail.

IH, I cringe every time Soriano comes in. Based on performance (and his demeanor during his outings), he’s earned mop-up duty. Only Soriano and Logan (who’s probably hurting us more) are performing badly. Robertson gets into trouble often but has a knack for getting out of it. We don’t really need Soriano right now.
He had an MRI today, right? I haven’t seen the results, but I don’t think we’d miss him that much. If he goes on the DL (or gets sent down), we should bring up another lefthander.
Soriano is at the top of my most hated Yankee list right now, so sort through that bias as you will.

“Soriano is at the top of my most hated Yankee list right now, so sort through that bias as you will”
Ha! Same is true for me, which is why I asked for the reality-check. I think the MRI was clear but not certain. And yeah, I think Joba has earned the 8th and Robertson has actually been stupendous. He almost always enters in crappy situations and he almost always finds a way through. joba called him the magician in the Yankees pen this year.
I’d be happy for a Robertson-Joba-Mo backend, with Soriano mopping as necessary, but tough to swallow that given both his talent and paycheck…
Cano HBP — in the head???? Sounded like it on the radio. It was loud. wow.

I’m getting pissed with It keeps saying that I am “in the broadcast territory” to view the games but then as it is connecting it reads “Media Error – game temporarily unavailable. Try again later.” And it’s like that for the rest of the game. Night after night. Does this basically mean I am actually in a black-out zone since these games are TV-broadcast in my area? Is there another NY-area TV subscriber here who could tell me? SF??

Ortiz and A-Gon both go long and it’s 4-3 Toronto.
Apparently Francona shuffled the rotation for this weekend dropping Dice-K so the Yanks will face Buchholz, Beckett, Lester.

Burnett hits Francoeur in the shoulder, and both benches get warned. AJ was probably wild. I can’t see why he would hit him. Martin was set away. Weird. You Betta you Betta you Betemit up.

Betemit. Am I just remembering with rose-tinted glasses or was he really a good utility guy for us? He’s certainly better than the utility guys we have now. This team is gonna miss Chavez.

Burnett with a key K and then groundout. Burnett threw a no-hitter into the 6th in his last outing and has thrown a 1-hitter through 6 tonighs. Let’s hope this one doesn’t end the way that one did. Runs please!!!!

That HBP by Burnett is totally weird, isn’t it? Why would he? So it can’t be retaliatory, but then again, what better time than then to send a message?
I don’t get it. I think it was just a bad pitch. But what sucks is Robi is out of the lineup.

Betemit hit .253 with a pretty woeful .286 OBP in his year+ with NY. And he wasn’t so hot in the field either.
Yanks with two on and no outs. Please don’t squander fellas…

Wow re: Monahan. Thanks for the update Dusty.
Does Gardner bunt?? I actually like having him swing away, but if you’re going ot bunt, this is certainly the kind of situation in which you would – 1st and 2nd with no outs and the game tight in late innings…

I just saw – Lackey walked in a run? How do you keep him in there?
And then he gives up a double. Weird game by Tito. Is he punishing Lackey for sucking?

Lackey is going to have to get protective security when they return to Boston. or move to a cushy mansion in the suberbs of Abbottabad.
And the Yanks LOB two more. So annoying.

LeBron just stuck the dagger in. After Miami led only twice in the game (at 4-2 and then briefly at 66-65 in the 3rd) he hits 2 3’s and a 2-pointer to put the Heat up by 8 with :30 left.

Great outing by AJ though. If not for the HR, would have a no hitter bid, though an ugly one at 5 walks, but effectively wild, perhaps.

Yeah Lar – As dusty alluded to, it’s vinatge…seems Burnett is always ugly when he’s good. Though he’s not always good when he’s ugly.
3-1 to A-Rod. Please A-Rod, get back on track.

Walks the bases loaded. Martin up. 9 hits, 6 walks, and a HBP = 16 baserunners in 6.2 innings.
It’s almost inconceivable to only squeeze 2 runs out of that. Let’s go Russell!!!!

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Weird they’re not using Joba in the 8th here. Robertson was good, certainly, but Joba is just a better pitcher. And it’s not like Joba was strained last night, he only threw like 9 pitches. It was Robertson who had all the stressful pitches.

Robertson has been very lucky. He’s got a damn fine K rate, but a damn lousy walk rate. That’s gonna bite him and the team in their collective asses at some point.

Walks him on 4 straight pitches. This is turning sour realy fast. Is Joba at least warming??? I am following via radio and shockingly, Sterling and Waldman are not keeping me sufficiently informed…

I’ve been here the whole time…I just avoid the SF’s…but they appear to be gone now.
K. 2 outs. Robertson pitches his best when he’s in trouble…

I don’t think you can call Robertson lucky. He has a high walk rate, but that’s more than compensated by his insane strikeout rate.
Joba is definitely a better pitcher than Robertson. Last year was pretty unlucky for Joba, as much as we remember him sucking, a lot of it was just balls finding holes. He has always had a good walk rate, and his strikeout rate has remained near one per inning.
I love me some Robertson, but I’ll take Joba any day.

Well, do we really deserve to win this game? Or many at all this season so far really???
Our offense is…(fill in the blank from my earlier post)

Guys can turn it around in a hurry, just look at Jeter.
Good job Boone, hopefully the Yankees can at least score a run.
I wonder where Joba was. Is Girardi saving him for the 9th? Is Rivera hurting? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

Posada is no Jeter. Never has been.
He is by far the worst of the “Core Four”…I’m not sure he should even be included really.

Gardner on. I don’t care that you got pegged last time Brett – go. I know you’re only 50% this year but GO. And don’t waste the sac until he’s on second and can go to 3rd (if at all).

What an abortion of an inning.
It seems like the Yankees have had like 2 easy wins all season. And that it should have been 10, if not for crap like this.

“I could go for a bench clearing brawl”
The way they’re going they’ve screw that up to. Trip on the way out of the dugout and injure themselves in a pile-up on the top step.
Teixeira singles. This game is such a tease.

If there are any sfs out there: I’d rather have had Lackey tonight. At least i would have known enough early enough to tune out. I honestly can’t recall a night with this many baserunners and this few runs to show for it.

My prediction: Martin homers, Gardner walks, Jeter singles, Granderson strikes out. Teixiera walks. A-Rod grounds into a double play.
Then the game keeps going like this until Friday.

walks martin on 4 straight pitches. he should pitch for us. Baserunner # 20 on the night.
5th ball in a row. Don’t bunt until he actually shows he can throw a freaking strike Brett.

Bunts Martin to 2nd. Top of the order with a man in RISP. Which makes a huge difference given that we’ve scored as often in the 14 RISP situations tonight (once) as we have with the bases empty (once).

Popout. This game will kill me. I think this is the worst game I’ve followed in years. Years.
20 baserunners = 2 runs until Granderson’s RBI single. I know I keep typing that but it’s because I can’t believe it. It’s amazing.

2nd and 3rd so they IBB Melky. I’d rather the Yanks lose in this inning than win in 4 more. I’m tired. I’m pissed off. And I have to catch a train to my office in 5 and a half hours. And yes. It’s all about me at this point.

This is the moment this season begins it’s downward spiral…
Swept by the Sox this weekend…
The injury parade begins…
We fucking completely fall apart and miss the playoffs.
This is the game.

The unavailability of Soriano and – apparently – Joba really hurt. But all else pales in comparison to one of the worst offensive performances in recent memory. 4.5 hours of hell.
Full count on Swisher.

We should win every game by at least 10 runs…win the AL East every year by 25 games…and sweep every playoff series and WS. Period.

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