Hypocrisy Alert Level: RED!

Yeah, Rep. Tom Osborne (R, Neb.) is that Tom Osborne, the one who coached the Huskers football team for 25 years. Interesting how he thanked the panelists for showing up and then passed on his time back to the chair. No rumination on possible steroid abuse by his former players? Did he think all those 300 pound linemen were just corn fed? Come on, Tom.

PS: As long as you seem to have the time, Tom, how ’bout a Congressional hearing into the disappearance of the wishbone offense?

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  • I’m ready to give the Red Sox all the credit they deserve for the great comback they made against the Yankees and their domination of the Cardinals in the 2004 World Series sweep. I might suggest tho, that one championship in 86 years is not as impressive as the Yankees perennial domination of the great American game of baseball. If I were a Sox fan (heaven forbid) I think I would be a bit more humble until I established a more lasting record than 1 for 86…..That’s a batting average of .012.

    Paul April 1, 2005, 10:50 pm

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