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I Got It I Got It I Got It……………………..I Don’t Got It.

Your meme for the morning: The Sox may be the new Yanks, but the Mets will ever be the Mets. Discuss.

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I’ve watched that replay a couple times now, and I don’t understand how Castillo doesn’t catch that ball. I’d say Mystique and Aura, but if they were alive, that kind of thing would be happening to the Sox.

Or a healthy “donation” from the Steinbrenners before the game. Black-Mets scandal!
Gameday mistakingly showed it as “In play, out(s)” at first, so I immediately closed the game. I was horrified to hear they had won.

I have to say, it was a weird experience to be yelling “fuckupfuckupfuckuppleasefuckup” at the TV and then have it happen. I’m 100% sure that I had something to do with that outcome.

What was really funny in a pathetic sort of way was how after the last play Michael Kay kept shouting “A-Rod is the big hero!”

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