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I Got Nuthin: O’s-Sox Gamer

Creative juices are tapped today. Have at your Sox gamer commentary here.

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every ball the sox made contact with were crushed that inning.
of course texas pulls ahead of cleveland 8-6 in the 8th.

wow. this has turned into an HR derby. no cheapies either. this is dustins first multiple HR game of his MLB career. woulda figured he’d done that before.

this has been unreal. 5 HR’s so far (still early).
i still have that rain delayed 10 run lead game stuck in my craw. step on their necks and don’t let up.

Also, seems like the Sox can claim to have sent the Rays into a death spiral. Playing two division leaders helps, of course.
Stupid Rangers, stupid Cleveland. They better roll over and die in the Sox’ final series like they are for Texas.

That and trading Kazmir when they were only 3 games off the wc. Couldn’t have sent up a bigger white flag to their players if they tried. I believe they have completely collapsed since that date.

No kidding IH; I think that trade shocked everybody.
Great half-game by the offense. Great other-half by the AAA Sox, who made some great defensive plays near the end.
It seems like neither Texas nor the Yankees lose these days, though.

“6 homers….damn, what’s up with that?….magical windstreams?, short fences?…what?”
AAA pitching for the O’s is the culprit. the wind was actually blowing in from right last night (although not that much)

Yeah, Cleveland sure isn’t helping us out at all. Not optimistic about the post season all of a sudden.

Yeah, the Rangers destroyed Clevaland – even with out Young and Hamilton (I think) the schedule still favors the sox though.

the sox also get the Royals, Indians and Toronto again — so there’s some bad teams right there.

I think from the Rangers’ perspective they are eyeing the 6-game stretch where Boston and LAA hook up (a series from which they win no matter what) immediately followed by LAA visting Arlington for a 3-game set. In other words, if I’m a Rangers fan I haven’t given up on the AL West title and that 6-game stretch could bring them at least as close to the division as to the WC.

I hope the Rangers win the division (that means the sox beat the Angels), that would be cool. I also hope SF wins the NL wildcard.

Sox have two very tough opponents at home after having to deal with throwing Byrd tonight (TB, then LAA), though at least it’s against a sucky Orioles pitcher. The off-days Thursday and Monday (the last of the season) make for some interesting possibilities as they can throw Lester, Beckett, and Buchholz against TB, then fire up Lester and Beckett again for the latter two games of the LAA series (maybe Wakefield will be available to pitch the first game? I doubt it). That leaves the bottom of the rotation to deal with Baltimore on the road, then back to the top for KC (hopefully a decent pitcher will face Greinke who I think is lined up to start in that series). #5 starter for the first game in NY, followed by Lester and Beckett for the last two games, then the bottom of the rotation for Toronto at Fenway. The Cleveland series depends on how Texas/LAA are doing (i.e. can the Sox afford to set their rotation for the playoffs?). I actually like the way the rotation lines up pretty well.
The x-factors are Wakefield’s health and Matsuzaka’s possible appearances in the rotation.

BTW, after today here’s how it shakes out for each team:
23 to play, 13 at home, 10 on road
Good teams: LAA @ BOS, @ NYY
Okay teams: TB @ BOS
Bad teams: @ BAL, @ KC (4), TOR @ BOS, CLE @ BOS (4)
6 good match-ups, 3 okay, 14 bad, glad we face the good teams mostly at home
23 to play, 12 at home, 11 on road
Good teams: LAA @ TEX, @LAA (4)
Okay teams: SEA @ TEX, TB @ TEX, @ SEA
Bad teams: OAK @ TEX, @ OAK (4)
7 good match-ups, 9 okay, 7 bad, though I don’t have much faith in Seattle who have really endured a beating at the Rangers’ hands this year.
I think the schedule slightly favors Boston and goes more in their favor after the next week of tough match-ups for the Sox, but of course that means nothing in the face of the actual games.
After next Thursday it will be (17 to play for both teams–all in a row, no off-days):
3 good match-ups (0 okay), and 14 bad for the Sox (7 at home, 10 on the road).
7 good match-ups, 6 okay, and 4 bad for Texas (6 at home, 11 on road).
As far as annoying travel (night game before travelling): Sox have a night game at home before travelling to Baltimore (not so bad), and a night game at KC before travelling to New York (pretty annoying).
Texas has all day games before their travel, annoyingly.

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