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I Want Candy Gamer III Aftermath (Now With Video)

This was my favorite win of the season so far. I guess it's because of how different I feel now from a few hours ago when Andy Pettitte was looking something awful. Anyway, let's give the game balls to a bunch of people:

  • Nick Swisher for breaking out of his slump in a big way
  • Johnny Damon for that double that put the Yanks ahead for good
  • A-Rod The Centaur for bringing it to within one
  • Jorge for that big RBI single that gave the Yanks some breathing room
  • Hideki for coming off the bench to school Brett Myers
  • Andy Pettitte for a gritty performance which included that unexpected RBI single
  • Joba for making quick work of the Phils in the 7th
  • Damaso Marte for being the "bridge" to
  • Mariano for being something like a glass of single-malt scotch that instantly calms the nerves
  • Joe Girardi for making all the right calls today

Since gerb got this in my head, might as well make it the celebration song for tonight:

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gerb, yeah…i used to ruin every sunday morning watching that dreck…then i realized…i don’t need the pain, and i got tired of hearing how great tiger woods is [we know], rehashing to’s latest meltdown, and how much money the yankees spend just to lose…not only don’t they know anything about sports, and facts are just an inconvenient nuisance, but they are full of themselves…i understand why i watched, and i’m ashamed that i would peek at a trainwreck…i’m better now, almost healed…

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