“I am very concerned about the large amount of cash consideration involved in the transaction,” Selig said in a statement. He went on to warn clubs that he would “not allow cash transfers of this magnitude to become the norm.”

Here’s something we might be able to agree upon: Selig is a joke. He won’t allow this to become the norm!? How, exactly, can he possibly reject another (hypothetical) deal involving a cash transfer of this magnitude? Will he say that “well, (insert fictional player here) just isn’t as popular as A-Rod, doesn’t have the marketing possibilities that past players have so I just can’t allow it”? How does any other future transactionally-challenged team not cry foul if Selig rejects another cash-heavy deal (and though there is unlikely to ever be another deal of this size, there may be one involving similar cash proportions) on no merits other than his own judgment.

On this subject, I think the two of us agree: it’s time for Selig to step aside and do what is right for MLB.

And here’s a prediction: If Giambi sticks to limping around and hitting .240, George tries to offload him with a boatload of cash to subsidize such a move and Selig approves it, the “norm” be damned.

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