“I can’t believe it!” said

“I can’t believe it!” said Tom Lasorda, who managed the 2000 U.S. team to the gold in Sydney. “It’s a shock and a disgrace that the Americans won’t be represented in the Olympics.” Tommy should actually take a look at MLB, at the roster of our entry, and realize that A) baseball is an international sport and that we don’t have a monopoly on quality, and B) get real about who was actually representing our country in the qualifier. It’s hardly a disgrace that we lost, it’s mostly a disgrace that people like Lasorda need to feel some sort of demented pride in a second-class olympic team. The Olympics is no measure of who is baseball’s best, only a measure of how global a sport baseball is becoming. That, in fact, is no shock or disgrace, but actually something to be quite proud of.

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