I guess one difference we

I guess one difference we have is in our expectations. I don’t expect Orza or the PA to have any care whatsoever about PR – that much should have been clear from the last labor negotiation. Orza is in a position of power – he absolutely can’t (and really, shouldn’t) give the Owners a crack to crawl through, and I don’t really see how, other than acceding, he can do that. Prickly, maybe, but how, exactly, can anyone spin the PA position without looking like a greedy ass? He’s in a tough spot, and I don’t expect the PA to ever give a cent back, no matter what the context. Disappointing, yes, but unexpected or avoidable? Not really. Schilling said some apt things, but, even as smart as he seems to be, I think he’s missing something that Orza isn’t – that the Owners should never be trusted, particularly not when it appears that Selig is steering a deal. And yeah, I guess A-Rod could have done massive damage, but I don’t feel obligated to give him major props just because he’s not Barry Bonds (how low have our standards fallen!). So, marks up, but just a little. And a revision on Hicks: F. Even if he does get Manny + cash (to be turned into Ponson, perhaps) for A-Rod, it’s just whipped cream on shit – a trade of the best player in baseball for an aloof (but deadly) slugger who can’t field so well and some greenbacks. Where have you gone, Chan Ho?

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