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I think your analysis of

I think your analysis of the A-Rod/Manny/Nomar situation is pretty accurate, and I think I’ve pretty much changed my thinking on this matter over the past few days, at least in terms of analysis from the Sox perspective. While replacing Manny and Nomar with A-Rod and some much lesser player will inevitably mean a drop in offensive production (the Sox are certainly not going to equal their 2002 run total in 2003), they will still be an offensive force, and improved defensively–at least in left. And even with the drop in production, the Sox will have plenty of offense, especially with Schilling added to the fold. A-Rod is clearly the best player in the AL, and probably baseball, and he could well become the all-time home run king (playing in Fenway won’t hurt).If he were to pass Ruth in a Sox uniform…talk about reversed curses. Locking him up long term makes a great deal of sense. As for Sheffield: note that the Braves are bringing a case against the Yankees to MLB for jumping the gun in their negotiations with Sheffield, and are seeking recompense in draft picks. What’s the real story here? -Are there actually differences between Sheff and the Yankees? -Are the Yanks looking for wiggle room to get in the Vlad line? -Are the Yanks looking for cover from the Braves grievance? -Is the Braves action disingenuous? (If they wanted draft picks, they could have put Sheff on their arbitration list. This way they take no risk of him winning a big salary.)? As usual, there’s little hope that any of this will be resolved in a transparent manner.

Posted by YF on 12/9/2003 10:36:39 AM

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