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I’d Like To Meet His Tailor

Raul Ibanez will wear pinstripes this year. I’m not convinced this is the correct move for the lefty DH slot but it does raise awareness of the genius that was Warren Zevon.

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Wow, new baseball season and this place is completely dead. Looking back, the beginning of the end was YF abandoning the site. Login became required. Then the two headed hydra of SF and Paul reigned and started banning people. Nick moved away. Ironhorse travels too much. And now with the utter collapse of the Sox, all the rats have jumped ship.
You deserve a medal gerbil.
RIP YF vs. SF. You were fun for a while.

That’s funny, James – I think of this place as declining when you started trolling threads. Paul and SF have contributed a ton of great content and community to this place; the idea that they’re the problem is laughable.

Funny how it was always the YFs who were trolling and how the SFs could never read what was in front of their face. Where do I say they were the problem? The lack of balance became the problem.
The last gasp from Paul last spring is now perfect to behold though!
I have a feeling we won’t be seeing the 100-win “projections” this year and the 30,000 words to support them. Then he didn’t even make it to the end of April!
I gotta go grab dinner. Fried chicken – yummy!

i don’t think it adds any value to rub the sfs’s noses in all of what happened this past season and off-season james…the yankees have certainly had their fair share of failures and embarrassing headlines on and off the field over the years, and it rankles me to have sf’s shove it in my face…is every bit of information fair game as long as it can be corroborated?…damn right, so long as it’s a level-headed, semi-intelligent discussion…sure it’s ok to have a little fun with aroid, or this chicken and beer story so long as the joking and ridicule aren’t the primary focus…i would have loved to get a thoughtful perspective from a knowledgable sox fan about what happened with the 2011 team, on the field and in the clubhouse, but i don’t see it happening here, despite your attempts to rattle the hornets nest…and your comment about paul is off…he added content well after april…while i don’t buy the excuse that contributors didn’t have time to be more active, i could agree that our priorities change when our teams are not living up to expectations…most fans tend to be fair-weather fans, even if we’re not “cool” for admitting it…for a site like this to thrive, both teams have to be doing well, and there has to be a legitimate balance of contributions from both sides…this site doesn’t always have that, despite it’s name and the mix of contributors, and it was particularly evident this past season…i don’t blame sox fans at all for trying to avoid what was going on with their team down the stretch, and particularly this post season…that last week or so must have been agonizing, and then embarrassing after the clubhouse leaks, and then disappointing as 2 of the acknowledged architects of the only 2 ws in 90 or so years both left the team…as for me, the answer for why this is my first comment in many months is contained in this thread:

The are many reasons why things have been slow around here, none of which should be or will be blamed on Sox fans or Paul or SF. For as long as I’ve been here the off-season has always been slower than the regular season. We are not RAB or TYA. I can’t speak for the other authors, but I know as a 36 year old I and father of 2, I just don’t have the time to write something on a daily basis anymore. Trust me I’d rather be commenting or putting up a post. The regulars here are great: Ath, DC, SW, Devine, Krueg and so on. There is never a lack of conversation in season. Check back in June, this place will be more crowded than the new Shannon Rose that opened up down the road from me. My only advice is if you don’t understand the dynamic or can’t appreciate what’s done here, don’t stop by. Otherwise stick around you might actually come to like it here.
10 days until baseball season for me, chomping at the bit!

Hey fellas!!! This place dead??? All evidence to the contrary judging by this pre-season thread. Thrilled the season is almost here. I. Am. Psyched. Sorry for being inconsistent and at times relatively lame on posting. Like John, I’d really like to do more but the bottom line is that I do have other priorities and just fit in the posting when I can, often in surges that coincide with lulls at work and/or home. And yes, the end of the 2011 regular season was incredible. I mean, apart from “it” happening to the Sox, it was an historically amazing final day of baseball.
But we all start over in a matter of weeks!!!

I’m here year round. But nice seeing you again James…
I’m with you IH. I haven’t been this excited for a season since ’09. It seems that the Sox and Yankees have switched places this year with the offseason hype. Although, it seems the Angels and Tigers may be the favorites in the Spring? It’s been the Sox the past few years and maybe flying under the radar will help that team. I don’t really care! :)
But in terms of the Yankees…injuries seem to be our only weakness in terms of making the playoffs.

I’m actually pretty excited about this year, I hafta say. They were good last year, injured and unbelievably sucky in the 4/5 spot in the rotation. Lackey was historically sucky. That part will probably be at least a little better, even if regression comes elsewhere.

While I am really excited to see what Pineda brings – and to a lesser extent, Kuroda – I am also just so pleased that I don’t have to watch AJ pitch anymore. Seriously. I have to imagine that for the two fanbases at this site, knowing that neither of us needs to watch AJ, Lackey, or Wakefield take the mound for our respective teams has to be really satisfying. Talk about addition by subtraction…
I’m also curious to see what Gardner brings this year, whether Curtis can maintain anything like the sick year he had last year (really hope that wasn’t just a crazy aberration), ditto for Ivan Nova, and how Cano will wow us this time. Less pumped, or let’s say “more wary” re: what A-Rod will bring (will he continue to reflect that he is in decline and riddled with post-PED niggling injuries or could he have another great year in him) and whether Teixeira will come closer to justifying his contract.
Play Ball!!!!!!

I really love cooking on my charcoal grill. I get it out of the garage when the warm days start coming around in March. It smells a bit musty and I usually need to scrape the grates down because I’m lazy and never remember to clean it off after the last time I use it in the fall, which is the best thing about steel charcoal grills: they can sit around unused for a few months yet all you have to do is dust them off and they are ready to get back to work in a flash, heating up as quickly as you remember, ready for use every day. I just don’t see much of a point of stoking a grill in January for standing around in the rain and snow making an ass of myself telling everyone how great my steak is going to taste in July.

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