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If Baseball Teams Could Talk

Uh, go watch the Bruins. Watching us is like watching any MTV reality show – painful, full of bozos who have few redeeming qualities. Actually, scratch that analogy: MTV reality shows are entertaining, at least sometimes.
Come back for us in six weeks. We suck right now. We might still then, but at least you will have enjoyed your spring.

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On Friday, sports radio here was abuzz with rumors they’d release Ortiz if he had a bad weekend against the Orioles’ RHP. Was a 2 for 11 weekend with 2 HRs and 4 Ks enough?
I think so, but it’s a real shame it’s come to this. If they had started platooning him in 2008 or even 2009, they’d still have a useful player, albeit one who clogs the roster. Still, it’s Papi! Damn, how quickly things change.

I feel for you SF. I really do. The only thing I regret about how this season is going to-date is that this site is a lot less fun when the Sox are playing so badly that Paul disappears and the YF-SF rivalry threatens to become irrelevant (or anything less than hugely deterimnative) to the standings/playoff picture/etc.
If this site were full of Hudsons I would take nothing but pure joy out of SF-fan misery and couldn’t care less when those fans scurry away every time their team is struggling. But one of the best things about this site – if not the best and certainly most unique things about it – is that it develops bonds of respect across those segments of our respective fan bases who are open to such things. So much so that for the first time in my many years of fandom, there is actually another side to the coin for me when the Sox are underperforming. I am still 95% thrilled – but there is that 5% (and it actually has a human face) – which gets guickly nostalgic for the perennial slugfest between the two teams. Preferably one that would end with the Sox and their fanbase vanquished of course, but not until the last day of the regular season…or perhaps game 7 of the ALCS :o)
Having said all that – and as dc and others have pointed out – it’s still very early and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Yanks and Sox end up battling it out in September with the Rays for two playoff spots out of the East. But for now, yeah, the Sox have some issues and frankly more profound ones than I expected coming into the season.

Still – some perspective. On the start of May 3rd,2007, the miserable Yankees were 10-14 and the Red Sox were 18-9, and a very good Detroit team that won 95 games the year prior was 16-11, so the wildcard wasn’t exactly a given.
Yeah they sucked in the playoffs that year and the Red Sox won it all, but they still ended up with 94 wins.
2005 was even more dire, and the Yankees stormed back and won the division.
This might be a year where the roles are reversed for the two teams – the Yankees start out strong but fade down the stretch when impacted with injuries to all its older players, and the Red Sox pull everything together and make a run. The risk for the Yankees is certainly there and the talent for the Red Sox is there as well.
In the meantime, listen to this classic from MGMT, it will make your day better:

“…The only thing I regret about how this season is going to-date is that this site is a lot less fun when the Sox are playing so badly that Paul disappears and the YF-SF rivalry threatens to become irrelevant (or anything less than hugely deterimnative) to the standings/playoff picture/etc….”
well said IH…we have way more fun around here when both teams are doing well…looking at this site is one of the first things i do in the morning, and one of the last at night…participation has been disappointing, if understandable, to say the least…it’s getting so bad that the other day we were reduced to a discussion about pie v. cake between gerb, brad, and me…pie was the clear winner by the way…and i wasted way too much time in a pointless debate with paul from waltham about politics…as much as i like to jab at paul sf, sf, ath, and the other good sox fans, it’s good-natured, i hope they know, and i miss the back and forth…here’s hoping that the sox figure it out, the yanks stay hot, tampa comes back to the pack, and the last dozen or so games of the season [we have six with the sox and 4 with tampa bay] boil down to the yanks nudging one of them out of the playoffs as they propel themselves to another division title…yay ;)

What I’m supposed to be magnanimous right now? I’m happy that the Sox are struggling. I know it won’t last because their pitching is too good, and so far it’s been the opposite of that. So they’ll go on a run and make it a three-team race, or at least scare us into thinking it’s a three-team race. So for now, I’m pleased.

I’m gonna be a dad in 5 months, everybody! I tell myself the 3rd place finish will make the transition to fatherhood easier without the added issue of playoffs.
(I still hope they can put together like a 92, 93 win season, though.)

And Devine righttly puts everything into perspective. Congratulations. That’s fantastic news.
And if there is some correlation here then I wish you a child-a-year for the rest of my lifetime…

Congratulations, Devine. That’s wonderful news. I’ll chime in that Mrs. Gerbil and I are expecting our second little gerbil this December; the missus got to see the bean on the ultrasound last evening.

My two kids were born in 2004 (right before the 19-8 massacre) and 2007, before the season. Needless to say I love them, and love the fact that their arrivals coincided with success for the Sox (and Pats, and Celts actually). But we ain’t having a third, even if there is some
sort of cosmic baseball power my wife and I have with regards to our successes with reproduction. The drought is on us.

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