If Only MLB Would Allow Something Like This

Much to the chagrin of bloggers and blog-readers everywhere, Major-League Baseball and the National Football League are extremely vigilant in policing the web for unauthorized redistribution of the content of their telecasts.  In contrast, the NHL is working with Slingbox to help fans get clips of games onto the interwebs for common consumption.  Sure, the value of the NHL as a property is miniscule compared to the value of MLB or of the 800 lb. gorilla that is the NFL, and with the NHL being a niche-product, they need to do whatever they can to retain the few fans they have left whereas the other two have no incentive to give up exclusivity of their current arrangement.  However, as a fan of all three sports the thought of sharing clips of weird / funny / great / controversial / thought-provoking events is so overwhelmingly exciting one can only imagine the potential, only to be ultimately disappointed in the contemplating of something that will never, ever happen.

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