If we could get that

If we could get that question answered positively, then I could buy into the whole “consumer explotation” thing. My choice was, on that day in September, to either ante up 129 bucks to Time Warner to get MLB Season Ticket (giving me access to the entire rest of the regular season, albeit at the same price it cost in April) or 99 cents to MLB directly to give me access to every one of that night’s games live on my laptop. I do know that I didn’t feel exploited at the moment – in fact, I thought it was a bright move on their part (however illegal Mr. Zimbalist says it was). If MLB shouldn’t have been charging me for that game and should be providing them for free (though I can’t believe that this is the case), then I feel a bit more exploited. My guess is that if MLB is eventually disallowed (can they even be stopped?) from charging for the games then they won’t provide them at all, and the local cable outfits won’t bother picking up the slack either. This will leave me with the choice of lining TWNY’s pockets (and, MLB’s) by ordering access to the entire season for well over 100 bucks, or not watching any out-of-market games at all. If I pay the big fee, I admittedly get a much bigger set of games, but if I just want to watch games here and there, beyond the already-paid-for-through-TimeWarnerNYC ESPN/Fox games, I am out of luck. My guess is that I will be out of luck. Interesting issue.

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