I’m sorry but I don’t

I’m sorry but I don’t buy your logic. First, the Yankee players had legitimate reason–and the right according to the uniform contract–to reject the doubleheader plan. But even if they did not, the players’ actions did not compel the Orioles management’s poor decision to play the game. The right thing to do would have been to negotiate a fair split of proceeds from a game in NY to be made up at a later date (which, btw, is happening anyway and apparently will be a doubleheader). The idea that this would have made the Orioles’ fans tickets worthless is specious: first, they would have been refunded fully. Second, far more Orioles fans would have had the opportunity to at least watch a game played on a make up date. As it was, attendance at the game was miniscule. I certainly hope the O’s are giving rain checks for everyone who had a ticket to that game and couldn’t make the rescheduled time.

Posted by YF on 9/19/2003 03:27:51 PM

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