Impending Doom: Jays-Sox Gamer III

Lester was scheduled to start this game, but he was scratched in advance of tomorrow’s trade deadline.  Why risk injury to the best starter available on the trade market…and why not let the trade partner get an immediate start out of him on extra rest instead of having to wait a few days for his start on regular rest?  At this point, it seems most likely Lester has made his last start for the Red Sox (a game in which he left with a 1-run lead after 6, a lead the bullpen could not hold).  It remains to be seen who will blink and provide the king’s ransom that the Red Sox rightfully demand for two (or three!) months of last postseason’s best starter.

Instead, it’s Workman who will face a seemingly ageless Buehrle.  The results of tonight’s game matter for the Blue Jays.  It is clear that the rest of the season is only an experiment for the Red Sox as they mix in youth and look for which holes are most desperately in need of filling (that doesn’t sound right) before the 2015 season begins.  With the off-day tomorrow, here’s most likely your last chance to see Lester in the Red Sox dugout…unless a deal gets made in the next hour…

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  • Jays beat up the Sox and took their lunch money this series.

    Devine July 30, 2014, 10:00 pm

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