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In The Citi: Yanks-Mets Gamer V

Somewhere out there on that horizon
Out beyond the neon lights
I know there must be somethin’ better
But there’s nowhere else in sight

A.J. Burnett takes the mound at Citi Field while the Mets send Tim Redding. The Bombers have won three in a row behind a resurgent offense, and need a win to keep pace with Boston who took a closely-pitched game from the Braves this afternoon. Comment away.

NY Yankees
B. Gardner cf .303
N. Swisher rf .238
M. Teixeira 1b .276
A. Rodriguez 3b .227
R. Cano 2b .302
J. Posada c .272
M. Cabrera lf .287
R. Pena ss .268
A.J. Burnett p 4.24, .500
NY Mets
A. Cora ss .258
A. Reyes 2b .500
D. Wright 3b .351
R. Church rf .273
G. Sheffield lf .277
D. Murphy 1b .251
J. Reed cf .293
B. Schneider c .246
T. Redding p 6.08, .111

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Love Joe Walsh. That’s one of my all-time favorite songs.
Quick trivia: The is played during the closing credits of what movie?

Since there was no Sox gamer, I’ve chosen this thread to note that Tim Wakefield threw seven scoreless innings today to improve to 10-3 and lower his ERA to 4.18. Not a pretty ERA, but not awful, either. He is one of three pitchers, all in the AL, with 10 wins.
Whether it should happen is another debate, but when it comes to this year’s AL All-Star pitchers, Wakes must at least be in the discussion.

I worked as a tester on the videogame adaptation of the film IBM mentions. I must have heard the song 800 times.

I think I am listening to Harold Reynolds do “analysis” on the MLB network. He sucks worse than the Mets.

Actually, maybe Reynolds doesn’t suck worse than the Mets.
This Mets team at the moment is maybe a 70 win team
over a full season.

“…God, the Mets suck….”
no sf, the yanks are that good…watch out buddy….
by the way, wake gets my all star vote…if i had one for pitcher that is…

Granted the Mets are a shadow of themselves with all the injuries, but wins are wins. I’ll take it…
AJ was awesome and ARod seems to be getting it together. Here’s to hoping it lasts!

Atheose: The Warriors – a must see that couldn’t be more dated (70s) if it tried.
Yanks remembering how to pitch and hit – A-Rod scary again. Nice

Ya, I would say if you told me Wang would pitch a 4.2 ERA this season, I would’ve been happy (not super happy, but ya). Probably would win 12-15 games with that ERA.
So definitely, especially for his price, Wake has been great.

The Mets suck, but losing two to the Yankees by a combined score of 14-1 almost feels like just treading water. Seriously, how crappy is the NL East right now? The Phillies have only a 1.5 game lead on what amounts to a spring training split squad team.

And the Cards picked up DeRosa from Cleveland.
A. That’ll REALLY piss off the Cubs fans, who were upset that such a versatile player was sent to Cleveland in the first place.
B. I was expecting he’d wind up on the Red Sox.

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