In and Out

It’s a business. Miguel Cairo, who performed well last year and then came up large in the postseason, was expected by all to return. But perhaps he was asking for too much. At least, that’s what Cash would have us believe. So now Miguel is gone, and in comes Tony Womack—the man who, as some would have it, put the final nail in the Yankee Dynasty coffin with his final run of 2001. Statistically, he looks a lot like Cairo (a few more ks, a few more steals). Those who were hoping for Placido Polanco and his power bat will be disappointed. And what will the Yanks do about first base? There will be no arbitration for John Olerud or Tony Clark. That leaves Mr. You Know Who—and you can be sure that somewhere in this fair city there is a $400-an-hour lawyer—and probably a team of them—looking into how his contract can be tossed out like the Thanksgiving leftovers still hanging around the fridge. What next? We wait?

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  • Stupid stupid stupid. Tony Womack? Jaret Wright? What the hell?

    Clay December 8, 2004, 11:52 am
  • Yeah, WHAT is Cashman doing? Did Lieber not earn his stripes in the BoSox series? Jaret Wright??? Gee, there’s a guy who looks like he can handle pitching in the Bronx. Disaster waiting to happen. And Cairo was a guy who delivered across the board, showing up to play every single day. And yet here’s Cashman:
    “Miguel did a great job for us,” Cashman told the New York Times. “We signed him to be a utility guy, and he became something more than that. But we ran the risk of looking at 300-plus at-bats and saying, ‘Was he really what he was for us, or was he somewhere between a utility and an everyday guy?’
    Huh?? Confused much, Brian? What the hell is exactly right, Clay.

    Spidey December 8, 2004, 1:00 pm
  • Where’s Mariano Duncan when you need him?

    JeremyM December 8, 2004, 7:52 pm

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