In Praise of the Little

In Praise of the Little Man It’s become fashionable, in these Sabermetric times, to downgrade the value of small ball and speed in favor of power and on-base percentage. But let’s just make a note of what an absolute joy it is to watch a little guy with speed creating havoc at the plate and on the bases. We loved watching Juan Pierre this year, just as we enjoyed David Eckstein in 2002. I have a British friend who likes to complain that baseball players aren’t “real” athletes: some are fat and some are superbuff; some are bean poles and some fire-hydrants with legs. But isn’t the heterogeneity of the ballplayer something to appreciate? Do we really want the homogenous horde of medium height, medium build futbol boys? They seem to lack character. And let’s see David Beckham hit a curveball. So here’s to the little men: the Wee Willie Keelers, the Pee Wee Reeses, the Scooters, and all of their descendants of small stature and grand ambition. Choke up. Bunt. Get down the line. Steal a base. Score Score Score.

Posted by YF on 10/27/2003 12:33:33 PM

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