In reverse order: 1) I

In reverse order: 1) I predicted before reading Moneyball. In any case, I think the Macha pick doesn’t need to be justified, since he actually IS the manager. If I had put “Beane”, I am guessing you would have needled me for that, too. As for Showalter and “one or two more pitchers”….PLEASE. Unless Tom Hicks goes out and signs Vazquez, Colon, et. al. then forget it, they need three to five pitchers – their staff is an ERA atom bomb, as currently constructed. On the other hand, in those terms, it can only get better. 2) the AL may not fall out as you said – you predicted the White Sox, at the moment it is looking like the Twins may take it. We both call three out of four if that happens. New items: 1) To me the biggest surprises are the consistency of the Giants despite the loss of Russ Ortiz, the disappointing perfomances of Johnson and Schilling. And how did I not pick Bonds? 2) It’s clearly easier to predict team performance than individual performance (duh). 3) I wonder how we stack against the “experts”?

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