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Inflation: O’s-Yanks Gamer

Tommy Hunter is on the mound for Baltimore at the Stadium, while the Yankees send Phil Hughes.  I hope they brought lots of baseballs.  Yankees have Posada and Cervelli hitting back to back at the bottom of the order.

Lineups follow, comment away.

M. Angle lf .120
J.J. Hardy ss .270
N. Markakis rf .280
A. Jones cf .286
V. Guerrero dh .278
M. Reynolds 1b .226
M. Wieters c .267
C. Davis 3b .241
R. Andino 2b .258
T. Hunter 5.26
NY Yankees
B. Gardner lf .266
D. Jeter ss .297
C. Granderson cf .271
M. Teixeira 1b .249
R. Cano 2b .307
N. Swisher rf .268
E. Chavez 3b .276
J. Posada dh .238
F. Cervelli c .274
P. Hughes 6.75

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Error gets Hip Hip to first…then Cervelli crushed one that the wind grabbed and the LF’er drops…Jorge was trucking around the bases and slide in before the tag…
2-0 after 5.

What a crazy (ugly?) game. Dumping rain, bottom of the fifth, an errors\, bumping and shoving with Jorge winning a foot race to the bag… Angle having all kings of trouble out in left in the mud pit.. Jorge winning another foot race??? What is this? Swisher down looking on a very generous strike as the ump wants out of that inning. This is crazy.

Had a 5am taxi to catch for a flight to Ottawa so I went to sleep at midnight (paying for tthat now)…check my phone for MLB scores just before my head hits the pillow and there are the Yankees in the 3d inning (?!?!?) with a 1-run lead tks to Jorge. Wake up at 4:30, check the results and see Cervelli hit the (disputed) HR that iced the game (he has smoked the ball in the past few games by the way). According to reports 500 people were left in the stands by the time Mariano mopped up (literally) for his 598th save. Nice that we spent much of yesterday beating the crap out of Hughes, Posada, and Cervelli and they are the key factors in last night’s win. Fact is everyone is coming up big at different times for the Yanks rifht now. They play at 1pm today (seriously) then get to Baltimore to play a 1pm make-up game tomorrow before taking off for their last West Coast swing. This is a brutal Sept schedule tks to the rain.
Weirdest part is that I went to sleep and it was pouring. I woke up less than 5 hours later and it is pouring. Somewhere in there they fit in a game. No idea how.

Cervelli still sucks. Calls for a high fastball on 0-2 to Wieters, who absolutely destroyed it.
To be fair, Cervelli is a fine backup catcher, but not when you have one of the top prospects in the game rotting in AAA because there aren’t starts for him. My head will explode next year if they carry all three of Martin, Montero, and Cervelli.
Hughes – who the hell knows at this point? The next season he throws 200 innings will be his first. Based on this year, that shouldn’t be next year either given the innings jump. So we’re talking age 27 before he ever throws 200 innings? That doesn’t seem like a starter to me.

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