Moneyball redux

Interesting perspective from Tim Hudson. The extension of Chavez could certainly mean that the A’s are more serious about retaining their young talent than in previous years and signing other primo free agents. Or, it could mean that they are interested in retaining Chavez and spending what other money they have on someone besides their soon-to-be-free pitching studs. I don’t see it quite the same as Hudson – this move indicates very little about the A’s attitude towards unrestricted free agents. Beane’s (and A’s management’s) history has been to replace escalating-priced talent with inexpensive filler. Signing Chavez doesn’t establish a precedent at all. In fact, at an average of 11M per, they may be continuing to follow their own ethos – get players at less than market (Chavez never hit the market, so it would seem that they nipped inflation in the bud), let the other ones go. Hudson shouldn’t get too excited…

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  • One thing that seems clear to me is that Billy Beane did not wake up one morning last week and all of a sudden decide to fundamentally alter his modus operandi. If he’s making that kind of deal with Chavez, then clearly it’s something he feels is warranted on a value basis. Just what that means for the rest of the A’s roster is something only he knows, but anyone on that team that gets too comfortable should go thumb through a copy of Moneyball.

    YF March 15, 2004, 11:15 pm

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