Interleaguin’ 3: Mets-Sox Gamer III

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Youk crushes one to left. Joe West calls it foul but it’ll get reviewed. Not sure they have a good camera angle on that one. It went out more or less above the foul pole.

“Yankees Suck…Yankees Suck…” says the Boston crowd. They know they are playing the NY METS right?

Whoops, didn’t notice this gamer was up–was still posting in the Yankees thread.
6-5 Sox.

Woah, crazy balk there. He dropped the ball before the throw, mid-way through his windup.

Lidge blows another save. Goddamnit. If the Yankees have ANOTHER walk-off I might just kill myself.

HAHAHA the TBS commentator just said that the Red Sox trade for Beckett was worth it because Beckett helped them win their first World Series in almost a century.
Dude, go check your facts.

Pedey brings home Nick Green who’s had a great day. 9-5.
And the Yankees have runners on first and second and nobody out. Don’t kill yourself, Ath.
Oh, and Papi flies out.

Toronto loses, now with a virtual tie with the Jays. A win puts us solely in first.

Funny that the Sox, Yanks, and Jays all lost their interleague series this weekend.
In other news, forget sending Papi down in the lineup — can’t we invent an injury to send him to the DL and then rehab in the minors for a bit? He did get some good swings today, but overall (8 LOB!), it was again brutal. We’d be getting more out of Lugo at DH right now.

hey, should we expect some new gamers for these crazy afternoon games? I’ll predict Sox and Yanks lose, Jays win.

Yanks doing a good job making my predication look bad already. Dammit.

The Sox, on the other hand, have an epic squander at the top of the second and my confidence in that part of the prediction grows.

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