Interleaguin’: Mets-Sox Gamer I

It's the start of the holiday weekend, a beautiful day, and the Mets travel to Boston to take on the fresh-with-starting-pitching Red Sox.  Chat about all the action here.

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No Yanks gamer?
Yanks off to a horrible start – Burnett giving up a solo shot to Rollins, and then hits Utley. Yuck.

And Ibanez with a base hit. Corners, no outs for Ryan Howard and the short right fence.

One pitch in and Daisuke already getting squeezed.
Ibanez? NICE. He and Howard are on my fantasy team.

Struck out Howard, which is a good thing, though I have Burnett and Howard on my fantasy team, so that might’ve been the worst possible type of outcome.
Werth is up.

And Werth is down. That was relatively quick.
Still one more guy in Victorino though.

Another K from Daisuke. His stuff is hot so far.
Burnett getting some crucial K’s too.

You’re welcome here dude–the Trials and Tribulations of Krueg are always entertaining ;-)
Groundout ends the inning, 12 pitches from Daisuke.

Jeter with a sharp hit to left field to lead off for the Yanks – Rollins couldn’t come up with that one.. and here’s JD..

JD rolls one to the pitcher, and Jeter was unable to beat the throw to second. 1 out.

Wow, changeup is high AND outside to Papi, called a strike. It’s going to be a long day with an inconsistent K-zone like this.
Papi strikes out on the next pitch.

Tesh strikes out swinging, looking kind of awful on that pitch. 2 outs. ARod time.

ARod doubles to the left field wall, and with some good throws Damon was out at home by 2-3 steps. Sigh.

Should’ve ran him over at home, if you ask me. That was kind of weak by Damon..

Ya, I thought that was a “long”-ish double too. They really did get it back in quickly though, but with Damon’s “supposed” speed he should’ve done better..

Hard to consider the Sox in the middle of a squander right now, even though the first two guys reached, since they both reached on lousy plays – an error and a Baltimore chop. Santana looked good on both the baserunners, and he looked good on the three guys following (though a small assist goes to the home plate ump, whose got a rather high strike zone).
Going to be a tough one tonight, Santana’s appearance ought to pacify Yankees fans who complain about the Sox missing Halladay.

squandered a potential quick start. dice k looked good in his half of the first. like that he’s working quickly too.

AJ already giving up 2 HRs. And going 3-0 on Rollins.
Maybe there’s something in the air..

They bought up Wang “just in case” as a long reliever, I think. Well, he might get some work in tonight..

Sbeff one-hands a bomb off the billboard in dead left, it looked like a popup off the bat, but apparently not. 1-0 Mets. Still, through 1.1 Dice-K has lowered his ERA!

Ibanez flies out, but not before 2 runs scored on Ruiz’s 2 run jack. 3-0 Phils after 1.5.

I really think that first inning was our best chance against Johan. We’re gunna lose this game 1-0.

Three down, can’o’corn to center. Dice looks solid enough, Sheff was off-balance on that bomb even. Encouraging, at least a little bit, though the Mets’ lineup isn’t exactly Murderer’s Row.

Wang as a long reliever? Wow, never thought I’d see the day. Remember when he was the Ace?

Myers had some awful numbers the last time I looked. He’s giving the Yanks hitters some trouble tonight.

Swisher strikes out, dropping his average to something like 237, give or take. Here’s the red hot Cano (who happens to be batting 7th, in front of Melky and Cash..)

He started solidly this year, but I really don’t have much optimism about Mike Lowell over the course of the rest of this season.

Cano hits one up the middle, and Rollins made a nice throw to barely beat Cano. Bang bang play, and end of 2, it’s still 3-0.

Here’s the monster of a slugger, Ryan Howard.
No, a 2-0 count to Howard is not a good idea.

Don Orsillo: “Varitek may be past him prime, but at this point offense isn’t the most important thing about the catcher”
Varitek then destroys a ball over the monster. That was a top-shelf reverse-jinx there.

Ath – hahaa, kreug would be proud. Except he would’ve added in a few profanities in there..

Carlos Pena made the TB game an 8-0 game. Ya, I guess that’s mostly in the books.

You want a REAL Krueg impression?
GODDAMNIT DAISUKE stop leaving the ball up in the zone! He’s never going to win a fucking game if he keeps doing this, the Mets are going to score 30 runs off him this inning. This team is horrible, good riddance, 4th-place here we come.

The Yanks have been going down pretty easier, minus the first inning.
Here’s Jeter.

A ground-out from Ellsbury, but a hard-hit ball. He’s swinging the bat fantastically. We’re a fearsome team when he’s playing well.

Pedroia with a double. Santana obviously listening to that videogame commercial.

AJ still looks like he’s struggling a bit out there, though the results are slightly better..
Stairs strikes out on 5 pitches.

Ortiz down on three pitches. Stop arguing with the ump Papi, that was a strike.

Got Rollins swinging and maybe AJ is coming together a little bit. But is it too late?

Damon trying to jump start this thing, but hits a comebacker right to Myers, one out.

Myers only 38 pitchers through 3 and change.
Tesh hits one opposite field and it looked like it should’ve been a double off the bat, but the LFer got to the ball pretty quickly so it’s a single with ARod up.

I REALLY love Eckerseley in the booth. He’s fun, he’s got some great insight, and he’s cocky but not too cocky (“I hit 3 homers in the NL man, I was the hulk!”).
Why the hell is there a “Let’s go Mets” cheer? slow grounder up the middle, good effort by Lugo to try to knock it down.

I wonder of the Yanks are like the Blue Jays. They dominate the lesser teams, yes, but now.. it’s the Phillies.
Let’s go Matsui!

Matsui with the infield single, and Swisher is up trying to chip into this lead a little bit..

Swisher looking quite awful out there..
And now he grounds out, leaving 2 on base. Got to start getting these runs back..

Woah, Kazmir and Percival going to the DL. This may be a blessing in disguise for the Rays, as Price is coming up to fill the rotation.

Well, if Johan does his thing this game is mostly over, barring a bullpen meltdown. And Dice needs to keep the Mets from plating any more.

Top of the 5th, AJ already at 72 pitches, striking Utley out, but now gets a 3-0 count on Ibanez..
Ath – it seems like I woul dhave to agree with you.
Now Ibanez draws a 4 pitch walk.

Seriously, hearing this “Let’s go Mets” cheer in Fenway is painful.
Daisuke throws the ball in CF. No damage though.

Honestly, is there not some piece of shit career minor leaguer we can stick in place of Lugo? I’d almost welcome leaving the position empty and playing eight guys if it meant keeping Lugo off the team and out of the lineup. I hate him. Hate, hate, hate, hate him.

Tesh really does play well defensively. Definitely Gold Glove worthy (though I haven’t been following other AL guys) dives to his right and throws out the lead runner at second. Great play.
(Of course, it might just be because I’m used to years of Giambi..)

Mets and Sox fans coming together for a “Yankees suck” cheer.
Grounder to Petey ends the inning. Did anyone else cringe when he tossed the ball to Lugo?

Werth destroyed a high heater for a huge 2 run shot, and it’s a 5-0 game.
AJ doing well except for HR’s. Ya, where have I heard that one before?
Victorino then follows it up with a 2 out triple.

Did anyone else cringe when he tossed the ball to Lugo?
At this point I wouldn’t be averse to Pedro standing up and firing an 85mph heater right into Lugo’s chest, and just take the error.

HAHAHA, camera shows Jed Lowrie in the dugout advising Lugo on how to not be a useless piece of shit.

Jed: Keep up the good work, Julio. No seriously, keep it up.
Julio: Thanks, dude. See how I almost got to that one out there? Call me “Derek”!

You guys are hilariously tough on Lugo.
I really want to see some of this implemented, including the 8 man on the field thing. I’m amused to see what the newspapers would say about that one,.. haha..

Oh, no we aren’t. You have no clue what watching Julio Lugo is like, Lar. Really, you don’t.
The worst thing about Lugo is how comically oblivious to his own suckitude he is, and how he almost carries an air of how “major league” he is, despite this suckitude. He’s a hideous, hideous spectacle to have to watch.

Lowell hits one to the gap, runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out. Jason “Destroyer of Worlds” Varitek up now.

Ducks on the pond for the captain. Just plate a run here, Tek, extend Johan’s inning. The Sox are seeing pitches, which is good. Get to the ‘pen.

Cano gets on an error. Let’s see if the Yanks will take advantage of it..
Looks like not really, as Melky strikes out swinging.

To add on to what SF said, at least with Jeter he makes it LOOK like he’s a good player, even though he’s horrible defensively.
Varitek plates two runs. Hey Lugo, do something useful here.

Something odd must have happened, Gameday is acting confused and hasn’t updated the game after Tek apparently knocked someone in.

Jeter grounds out and Myers look good out there. 66 pitches through 5, are you kidding me?

Seems like Santana can really count on having an awful defense behind him..
Wasn’t it just last year or the year before that the Mets had amazing infield defense? What happened?

Wow, ump squeezing Johan now. This strikezone is a joke.
Ellsbury hits it deep for the third out. Did I mention how I love the contact he’s making lately?

SF, I think they were trying to figure out how Varitek’s play was scored. They ended up giving an error to the shortstop.
Lar, Reyes isn’t playing tonight so they have someone else playing SS.

But ya, AJ not pitching super poorly _per se_, but he gave up the _big_ hits.. ah well.
Damon throws out someone at first. End of inning.
Okay, really got to run now, go Yanks!

NICE PLAY YEAH! Daisuke throws a 95mph strike to Youk to get the runner at first, and Youk fires it back to Lowell to get the runner at 3rd. Great job guys.
It’s amazing how well our defense plays when Lugo isn’t anywhere near the ball.

Lar, I think it was at least five or six years ago, maybe longer, when Olerud played for the Mets, that they had a sick infield.

That was a sick slider to end the inning. Probably done for the night at 80 pitches.
Okay guys, let’s send Santana to the bench this inning.

For those of you not watching, Santana hit Youk and then started barking at him for not getting out the way. It seemed like Santana was mostly angry at himself for letting that fastball get away, and Youk started barking back. Died down very quickly though.
HAHA Eckerseley says outloud what Youk’s lips said: “Shit, Damn.” He then realizes he’s cursed out loud, and sort of apologizes.

2nd batter HBP this year for santana. looks like youk dived into the strikezone there on a not so inside pitch. not sure why he’d be yelling. misplaced intensity.

Feh. Bay whiffs. Still, only down one, another hard-worked inning by Santana in the sixth and that might be it for him.

Wow, ARod homered again. He’s hittign .205, but his OPS is 1.033. Very Mark McGwirian.

I wasn’t going to say THAT much, SF ;-)
David Wright walked. Why the hell is he batting 5th? The Mets manager is an idiot.

I’m moving into a new apartment tomorrow, so I’ve been packing stuff. I’m arachnophobic, and it’s very sobering to take apart my three bookshelves and find a huge spiderweb covered with 15-20 spiders hidden behind them. You have betrayed me, Robert Jordan.

Another error by the SS! Runners at 2nd and 3rd. If anyone could GIDP here it would be Lugo.

I cannot figure out WHY THE FUCK LUGO STILL GETS TO WEAR A SOX UNIFORM. I don’t care what they are paying him. He needs to go very far away.
I love Theo, but I have no idea why he won’t cut the cord with this shitbag of a baseball player.

Ellsbury grounds out, ending the inning. Hey Lugo, if you had done that it would have scored a run.

Mets announcers, who are really good, totally taking the piss out of Masterson for his 2-0 pitch to Sheffield. Seriously? That’s what rankles them? A 2-0 pitch out of the zone to a dangerous righty in Fenway who has already hit a dinger?

106 pitches for Santana, and yet he’s back out for the 7th. He’ll probably pitch to Ortiz and no further.

Wow, Pedroia hit that hard but it’s a fly out in front of the wall. Wind blowing in.

Boy, the Mets’ announcers can’t stop the ballwashing with Santana.
Ortiz still looks awful, I have to say. I think that one nice game was just that: one nice game.

Jeez, Lowell looked like the kid who doesn’t want to let anyone else field the ball, missed it, then Lugo makes a strong throw to first to get Wright.

The funny part is that Wang lowered his ERA by giving up only 2 runs in 3 innings.
Varitek threw out a runner! Lugo made a great play! Dogs and cats, living together…

Reed gunned down by Tek, didn’t really look like Pedroia ever tagged him, but whatever, the throw beat him by a mile. Looked safe to me, though.

Parnell is pitching smoke and mirrors: OPP BAA .304, righties and lefties hit him almost equally well, and he’s got a 1.96 ERA. Inherited runners?
This means the Sox go down 1-2-3, softly I bet.

K-Rod up in the pen, will face Varitek-Lugo-Ellsbury.
Orsillo informing us that K-Rod has not allowed a run in 18 out of 19 innings so far this year. That’s a quality jinx if I’ve ever seen one.

This game has made me really angry. I haven’t gotten angry about a Red Sox game in a while, maybe even not at all this year. I think it’s the continual use of Lugo, I just don’t get it. It seems like every frigging game he does something that is blatantly hurtful to the team, and tonight the THINGS that he has done (plural, notice) have basically cost his team a chance at beating the best pitcher in the NL, a wasted opportunity. And he KEEPS playing, keeps getting thrown out there. If this division comes down to a game, I will remember this one.
Time to cut bait, Theo. Julio doesn’t deserve the deck-chair rearrangement that Papi does, or will, when it becomes all too clear that he’s cooked. WIth Papi there is so much history that a slow burn into nothing is tolerable, if sad. Lugo hasn’t earned shit, he hasn’t earned that space to recover. Get rid of him.

Holy shit, put it on the calendar: Lugo made TWO defensive gems within an inning of each other.

Hey Red Sox, remember this guy? K-Rod? The guy who is our bitch in the playoffs? Let’s put him in his place.

Great contact by Varitek, but Reed runs down the ball before hitting the wall. Good effort there.
Hey Lugo, here’s a chance to redeem yourself a little bit. Emphasis on a little bit. headline “Cuddyer flirting with history at the Metrodome”. What’s he doing?
Triple shy of the cycle. I mean, come on. It’s not like a no-hitter, or a five homer game, or something amazing, it’s the cycle, perhaps the most boring “history-making” offensive feat in all of baseball. Who cares?

Not only that SF, but the triple is the hardest one to get, and Cuddyer doesn’t have a lot of speed.
When did Peavy turn down the trade? I totally missed that.

Meh, I view the Sox loss as a “You can’t win ’em all” and they didn’t lose any ground to TOR or NYY anyway.
Lugo’s average continues to fall while his defense continues to suck. There’ll be no dilemma when Lowrie is ready.
And at least the non-Bard, non-Masterson bullpen will be rested.

Also, hilariously, Cuddyer got his cycle (I agree it’s a worthless achievement), getting the triple in his fourth at-bat.

“worthless achievement?”…isn’t using the word “worthless” to describe the cylce a bit harsh?
come on guys, at the least it means that the guy got a minimum of 4 hits in a single game…in this case, he went 4 for 5 driving in 5 runs…not bad…the 4 hits of any kind is an achievement, even though i’m sure you’ll point out that getting 4 hits, even for the cycle, is not an uncommon event [he’s the 4th guy to do it this year]…what makes it interesting is that it’s one of each type of hit, and includes a triple, which is clearly the most difficult…give the guy a little more credit than to call it “worthless”…

Perhaps the word was a bit harsh, but I’d still sooner see a player hit even 2 HRs in one day, even if that’s more common (is it?).

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