Is Tito also in Charge of the Iraq War Effort?

Francona was asked about the possibility of Julian Tavarez being pulled from the starting rotation. His answer? "No."

(From today’s Globe)

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  • If no means if Gabbard doesn’t throw another 4 hit shut out. Gabbard gave the Sox innings and a chance to win, Julian did not. If the trend continues the Sox would be stupid to not switch them. Personally I think Julian should be traded and Gabbard/Lester should fill the role.

    SF Kevin July 21, 2007, 11:16 am
  • At the moment, it’s hard to see that pulling Tavarez would do much. It would mean Snyder, Hansack or Pauley would be our fifth, and I’ve not much confidence any of them would do much better. On the other hand, when Schilling returns, it had better be Tavarez moving to the pen…

    Paul SF July 21, 2007, 1:20 pm

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