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It All Starts Now: Tigers-Yanks Gamer I


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Na, I get it. We have a good code here on us stalking the other gamers, which I don’t feel we’re doing, but I think the gamers are the place where each side throws out the stuff and doesn’t want it challenged or made fun of.
I get it. I’m out too, as I don’t need Krueg spouting off about the “perfect season” stuff tomorrow afternoon:)

Hey gang. Sorry krueg to have not been around to keep you company from the jackals circling overhead :). I’m in workhell. Swampd like crazy, couldn’t get to the game to save my life, and swimming in passed deadlines. But so what – it’s baseball season!!!!! Nice to se Tex get a meaningful hit before July this year. CC looks ragged but if the Yanks can keep it tied come the 7th I’ll take our pen vs. theirs! Could be the theme of the year…

Opening Day game thread rules reminder:
Opposing teams’ fans are welcome in each other’s game threads, and can even make jokes, so long as the jokes are in good taste and not trollish in nature.

rbf- do the iphone update for the at bat app that came out today and you can watch the live feed. its free for the month of april.
phile coke still sucks.

Love it – time for SoMo.
Paul, seriously sorry about my predictions. I know we’re all busy…I’m just not dealing with it as well as others I think. WIl try to get you something before taking off this weekend. I’ll start with: Yankees will win this game :)

Cue Sinatra. CC gives up 2 earned in 6.0, JoSoMo give up 0 hits, Mo picks up the save, and Teixeira and Granderson get off to fast starts. All’s right in Yankee universe…

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