It seems we’re in agreement

It seems we’re in agreement here. When professionalized ball was in its infancy, gambling was the most serious challenge to its success, and the Black Sox scandal remains the single ugliest episode in ML history (the color line being something more than an episode). That other stars may have gambled and then received preferrential treatment from the League–Cobb and Speaker come immediately to mind–does not mean this policy should be extended to Rose in our more enlightened era. Rose’s accomplishments can be celebrated in the hall, but I see no reason why he should be inducted with a plaque in the hall of honor, or whatever they call it. Certainly, he should not be allowed any kind of managerial or administrative position for the Reds or any other team. Keeping him out of stadiums and spring training, however, seems excessive. He should be punished for the crime, not for being, as you have so delicately put it, a scumbag.

Posted by YF on 8/13/2003 03:07:02 PM

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