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It’s Still Baseball, But….

I suppose Phillies@Boston has a smidgen of significance considering
geography and history due to the longevity of the franchises.  But Astros@Yankees?  Gah.  Yeah, Pettitte is pitching against his "other" team, so that's something.  Nah, never mind.  I hate dem dere interleagues, dagnabbit.

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love ribs…the secret to fall off the bone goodness is lots of smoke, and low and slow indirect heat…but don’t let ’em dry out…

Interleague sucks monkey balls. How am I supposed to get psyched about playing the Astros??? Oh yeah, copious amounts of marijuana…

PS ARod = tendinitis associated with his hip flexor, day-to-day.
PSS We really shouldn’t need ARod to sweep the Astros in the Bronx.

Moyer’s ERA went from 3.98 to 4.91 in 1.0 innings of work. Wow.
What a fantastic way to start a series. Now let’s wear down their bullpen so they’re damaged for the rest of the series.

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