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It’s doubtful that the A’s

It’s doubtful that the A’s will go on a run like last year, but they just added Harden to the rotation, and Tejada frankly hasn’t done a heck of a lot this year, so if he comes on in the second half it’ll be a big boost for them. Guillen can’t hurt, either. They are scarier than the M’s, in my book. Should be an interesting couple of weeks here – the Sox go west soon, and that will be a big test. Their bats woke up yesterday, but they simply cannot play like they did this weekend for the next month. If they do, say goodbye. Also, I didn’t realize we were at the point of documenting spelling errors – the tone of your comment is a bit snippy, and I think we should reserve such snippiness for baseball-related idiocy. I won’t mention again that I have been, without due notification, correcting posts of your spelling of the home of the Big Red Machine…

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