It’s nice to see that

It’s nice to see that Lambchop, i.e., Theo, so villified by your Beantown cronies, is now getting a bit of due for his admittedly deft construction of a bullpen (or has it been Lucchino calling the shots all along–we still don’t know for sure). And again, it would be nice if you Beantown Boobs saw through the veil and acknowledged that this may have been the plan all along. Having read “Moneyball,” you are surely aware that the relief market is far better midseason than preseason. Lambchop was simply taking advantage of this. As for Mondesi: he was useful over the first half, but if he’s going to be a pinhead about getting pulled, see ya. And the Sox parted with plenty of dough to get Williamson, so spare me the financial crap. Delucci, who makes only 900k, is clearly bait. CashMan obviously has some brilliant move up his sleeve. Delucci: 165 at bats, 45 ks = no playing time in NY. The real question: wherefor art Miceli? He had a nice little run as a Yank. Sorry to see him gone. Your faithful Interlocutor. PS: What’s the deal with Manny toting a bottle of Poland Springs out to leftfield in his back pocket? Obviously, he’s benefiting from illegal on-field hydration. Typical Boston cheater. PPS: The real thing we should be discussing is why on earth Hammond threw Varitek a hanger on a 1-0 count with 2-men on in the 8th on Sunday. Pitch one was either a fastball or a curve (they’re the same speed with him) on the outside, beyond Varitek’s reach. Fine. Ball 1, and he’s set up his best–his only–pitch: the off speed. So why is the next thing an 82 mph hanger? One bad decision with a very big cost.

Posted by YF on 7/30/2003 10:36:54 AM

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