It’s “PICK A FIGHT” TIME!!!! 1. Jeter leads the league in batting at .322, impressive considering the missed month. But let’s dig a bit, shall we? How do you explain his pretty pitiful offensive numbers? 9 steals, 9 homers, not even 50 ribbies, a nearly 2-1 Ks to BBs ratio (78 in around 100-something games, truly bad). He has scored a lot of runs, and has a lot of hits, but just imagine how good he could be if he didn’t whiff so much. Can you say “overappreciated”? And I won’t even go near his horrible fielding ability. 2. Joe Torre should get a massive bonus for the team’s performance this year. The Yankees record is totally deceiving. Let’s examine: They have a terrible bullpen, have had a bad one all season. Giambi, though he leads the league in OBP is having a slightly lesser year than usual, Rivera has been hurt, Wells is fading, third base has been an offensive void for the whole season, Bernie was hurt, and their (arguably) best hitter (NJ) has also missed significant time. Soriano hasn’t played to last year’s heights. Matsui has been productive, but appears exhausted. With all this, they might win nearly 100 games. Big Stein ought to be extending Joe, sending him buckets of cash, as there’s no other explanation for their record other than solidarity bred by the manager, smart strategic moves that go largely unnoticed over the course of a season, and a generally well-coached squad (those and admittedly fine years from AP, RC, and MM, but the Mets show that having a bunch of double-digit winning starters doesn’t mean success). I am not a person who think Torre is a managerial genius (IMHO he’s more of a “right man in the right place”, a high-quality but not all-time skipper), but he has done a STELLAR job this year, maybe the best of his tenure, and any moronic Owner or Yankee fan who thinks otherwise should be banished to a place where all managers act like Mike Hargrove. 3. Grady Little can’t carry Joe’s jockstrap, and he’s going to get canned with a nearly .600 winning percentage. Figure that out. SF

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